iOS 7 Beta 6 – Possible Release Dates August 19th or 26th

There has been much speculation over the last few weeks as to the timetable for the last iOS 7 Beta releases, before the Gold Master and then the public version are released. A few weeks ago, a security breach of the iOS Development Center website resulted in the closure of the site, delaying Beta 4. However, it wasn’t delayed by too much but, because of the change in dates, it was thought that Beta 5 would be released on August 12th. Apple surprised everyone by releasing it on August 6th instead, just 9 days after Beta 4.

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iOS 7 Beta 6 Expected Release :

That throws everyone’s speculations out of the window. It’s now thought that iOS 7 Beta 6, if there is one, will be released on either August 19th or 26th, followed by the Gold Master on either 2nd or 9th of September.  The public version would then be released somewhere between 19th and 23rd September, alongside the iPhone 5S and possibly the iPhone 5C. The reasoning behind this date is because iOS 6 was released at this time last year, with the iPhone 5.

iOS 7 Beta 5 has a few improvements to it, including design and user interface ones, and a couple of new features. It’s difficult to say what will be in Beta 6 until testing has been completed on the current one and any bugs or issues are identified by Apple and the developers.

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There is no guarantee that Apple will actually release a 6th beta iOS 7 version. If this one turns out to be OK and not have any major issues, they may just go straight to the Gold Master version. However, it’s widely believed that there will be one more before September, just to clear up any niggling little issues that remain.

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