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Today Apple has seeded iOS 7 Beta 6 to registered developers following the release of Beta 5 on August 6th. It’s thought that this could be the last beta before the Gold Master is released, signifying the imminent public release of the firmware. Registered developers can download it in one of 2 ways:

Update : iOS 7 GM Downloads now available

Method 1 – OTA [Those who previously installed iOS 7 beta 5]

  1. Launch the Settings App on your device
  2. Tap on General and then Software Update
  3. Your device will search for the new firmware ios 7 beta 6 download (2)
  4. Tap on Download and Install
  5. Your device will be updated to iOS 7 Beta 6 . Note that OTA updates are generally smaller in size as they update only the changed feature and not the entire firmware .

Method 2 – iTunes [Those who previously installed iOS 7 beta 5]

  1. Download iOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW
  2. Connect your device to your PC
  3. Open iTunes
  4. Click on Update  in iTunes as the same time . This will look up for any updates for your device . Alternatively you can download the ipsw file following Method 3 below and then Press down on the SHIFT (OPTION for Mac usersKey and click on Update  in iTunes . Proceed to Step 5 . Locate the IPSW you downloaded and iTunes will update your device to iOS 7 Beta 6. The process will take about 15 minutes after which you will be prompted to activate your device . Cannot activate ? Read below

Those who are not registered developers are welcome to try to download the updated firmware but this is done entirely at your own risk. We cannot take any responsibility for any issues that may arise from downloading from unofficial links:

Method 3 :

  1. Download iOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW [links coming up next]
  2. Connect your PC and device together and open iTunes
  3. Go to Device Summary for your device
  4. Hold down SHIFT (Option for Mac) and click UPDATE  on iTunes simultaneously as shown in the image below shift option keyboard mac windows
  5. You will have to click on “check for update” button as shown here while still holding the SHIFT or OPTION key on your keyboard , based on which OS you are using . itunes ios 7 download updates
  6. Point to the Beta 6 IPSW and iTunes will start the update process.itunes ios 7 verify

You may be faced with an Activation Error Message if you are not a developer. There was a security flaw in iTunes that meant activation was being skipped but there is a chance that this has been fixed. To get out of the error message you can either downgrade to iOS 6.1.3 (6.1.4 if you have an iPhone 5) or register with the Apple Developer Program. It will cost you $99 per year but that’s a small price to pay for being able to download the betas legally.

YouTube Video : How to Install and Activate iOS 7 beta 6

Download iOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW – Direct Download Links :

Disclaimer : All of the above iOS 7 Beta 6 download links are hosted on, do not bear any responsibility about these links. If you have any issues with the above links then please contact:

Download Problem Fix : Link Warning Message

Recently we have noticed that you come across this problem . To fix this just follow the instructions as shown in the image below . Click on the link which is perfectly safe .

link download ios 7 beta 6

How to Activate iOS 7 Beta 6 :

iOS 7 Activation Error

After downloading and installing iOS 7 beta 6 , you are going to face with the Activation Error problem on iOS 7 as soon as you turn on the device. To fix this you have to get your Phone’s UDID registered . The method to Find UDID is explained in our blog . Find your UDID and get it registered on Apple Dev Centre for $99 . Alternatively you can buy a UDID Registration slot from us for $10 and save $89 . Send us an email at and we can hook up an udid for you . All activation’s are valid for 1 year . iOS 8 ready . Payments via Paypal Only for 100% secure transaction .

Image : Dev Centre UDID registration process

udid registration ios 7

Some non-developers have taken to Twitter to complain about the speed and performance of the iOS 7 betas – betas are not designed to be perfect – they are the testing ground for the developers and Apple to get the firmware right before it is rolled out to the public. Check out iOS 7 Beta bugs for more updates .

Other Quick Useful Links :




      1. Thanks for Quick udid activation. Using iOS 7 beta 6 now. its simply awesome OS. great improvement since iOS 6. I guess iPhone enthusiasts should get this installed before its released 2 months later .

  1. First and for most i really thank you for giving us your services for free.U might be having a solution for bluetooth on apple devices not connecting to other devices like nokia?I will highly appreciate your feed back.Thank you

      1. Ma perche farli pagare i lettori quando si puo fare gratis e lo sai benissimo,aspetto che vengano publicati i miei commenti altrimenti non e un sito serio dove si puo dire la propria opinione,io lo faccio per quelli che come me non possono permettersi di pagare a quelli come voi che cercano in tutti i modi di raggirare la gente,ciao aspetto incollato su questo sito per i miei commenti

    1. It wont appear if you have not installed iOS 7 beta 5 . Some users with previous beta installed are also facing this problem ..

  2. I have an locked iPhone5 (Sprint) which I am using with a R-sim8 in India. If I download the beta ver of ios7 then will it work on it or are there any limitation?

    1. If you install the beta version correctly then it won’t have any problem, also do not restore while you install ios 7.. Go to update and instal it.. have fun.. :)

  3. I have an Iphone 5 with a software unlock using evasion. I had IOS 7 on my previous Iphone 4s both are AT&T phones. The Iphone 5 at present is running IOS 6.1.2. I will need to retain the unlock. I have Tiny umbrella and a backup on iCloud. Since buying it, thr bluetooth does not seem to work. I use T-mobile, at present, no contract, unsure if I will stay, as they are rather weak in my area.
    The question, I would like to upgrade to IOS 7.6, but as always, concerned with keeping my baseband. 3.04.25.
    Am I a candidate, as I am used to using Redsnow and preserving the ispw. etc.
    Thanks for any help here.

    1. Hi Fox. Are you sure you sent the email on the right ID. however we have emailed you with instructions to pay and get your UDID activated .

      Thanks for leaving your comment

    1. Thats because of you have to wait on that screen for sometime . we faced this issue , and the solution is to first register on Mega and then download. partial downloads are saved when registered .

  4. is there any particular reason my phone wont recognize my carrier it just stays on ¨Searching…¨is it because im not UDID registered? if its because of that can you help me become one!? thanks

  5. Hi, thanks for the excellent instructions.

    I have downloaded the iphone 4s ISPW but when I hold shift and click ‘check for updates’ it does not find it in the directory. do I need to change the file extension to a specific type?

    thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Ran into the same issue on my mac, I found the file, but it will not let me use it to update my phone. Its faded grey and wont let me select the file for the update, as if its not compatible for use.

      1. I had same problem. Make sure that there is no extra writing after the .ipsw extension. I deleted the extra words, or whatever was written after the extension, then iTunes saw it no problem.

    1. It’s very simple. Download ios 7 which is compatible for your phone, if you don’t know that then check the model number of your phone, it’s written on the back side of your phone. Download it, and update your device. Cheers.. USE THE UPDATE BUTTON TO INSTALL IOS TO YOUR PHONE.. :)

    1. There is a way, downgrade your device first. Use DFU mode and restore your phone using 6.1.3 or 6.1.4. Then register the device first. If you want to use ios 7 again then use the UPDATE button and update it.

  6. i want to update ios 7 in my iphone 4 cdma but i m not getting correct firmware for it..i have downloaded one but it replies as (cant update coz it firmware is not compatible ) plz help me out i want to use ios 7

  7. I already registered with a UDID in June but have not been getting the updates sent to my phone since after Beta 3 was released. I have a badge under software update but when I click on it, it searches and says my phone is up to date, but it isn’t. Please help! How can I get iOS Beta 6 on my phone and why are the updates not showing up over air?

    1. If so you can update it manually, download ios 7.6 from pc and install it from your pc.. Make sure to use update button, DO NOT USE RESTORE TO UPDATE YOUR DEVICE..

  8. I downloaded iOS7 beta 5 without having to enter my UDID. If I update it straight from the phone, will I have to enter my UDID or will it just update.

    Please respond,


  9. Bonjour je ne comprend pas j ai acheter un logiciel pour pouvoir prendre mon UDID il m ont envoyés un message en disant que c’etais bon. je telecharge le truc. J apuie sur alt et sur mise a jour sa me mais le truc que j ai telecharger mais je pe pas cliquer dessus.

    1. ragazzi e tutto una bufala basta andare su you tube e ricercare come installare ios7 senza udid ed e fatta non date soldi a queste persone che non sono autorizzate della apple ,ciao

  10. hi guys i’ve been using ios 7 beta 6 for 2 days on Iphone 5 (italy), right,, In this 2 days when i was on calling many times happend i could’t hear voice of other speaker lot of times during the call… so i don’t know if it depend on my phone now or on ios 7 beta 6, but with ios 6.1.4 everything went ok so….. i think apple have to keep working hard on it

  11. Hi, I activated my UDID with you guys, then downloaded the ipsw file for iPhone 4S. When I click (option) and update at the same time it won’t let me click on the IPSW file. Am I doing this right?

  12. Hey can you send me a step by step to how I upgrade to iOS 7?? And then how do I use UDID to make it work?? Please help! I read all the comment but can’t seem to put it together! So I don’t understand anything. Thank you

  13. hey guys !! If you want to use IOS 7 beta 6 now *or* IF ur stuck in the activation screen then, register your UDID to get activated in ios 7 legitimately !

    I am registering UDID to Apple Developer account for $15USD each device for IOS 7 BETA 6. Once your UDID is registered then you can update to ios 7 beta without any problem and your iphone will be activated. You will enjoy full features of IOS 7 beta.If your interested then inbox me or you can Email me too ( Thanks

  14. Bonjour,
    sous IOS 7 beta 6 sur mon 4S.
    je comptais le vendre donc j’ai réinitialisé tout les réglages dans l’iPhone
    et la…..en le rallumant, après le choix de la langue et du wifi
    => erreur d’activation car je n’ai pas de compte développeur.
    Je ne peux que le restaurer dans itunes (pas de MAJ proposée) mais j’ai tout essayé (MAJ windows, dernière version itunes, remettre en 6.1.3 rien ne marche!!)
    Que faire? est-il définitivement mort? quelqu’un à déjà eu ça?
    Une solution pleaaaase
    Merci d’avance

  15. im from india n im using iphone 5 with a local gsm sim… which firmware i should download?

    i have ”iPhone5,1_7.0_11A465_Restore1” named ipsw .. but when i pressed shift+update in tunes… it gave error that firmware is not correct… what should i do..?

  16. my freaken ipad ios 7.6 update wont work it shows the itunes logo on it with the rechargeing pointing to it doing nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I don’t even know howw I stopped up here, however I believed this publish was good.
    I do not recognise whho yoou might bbe however certainly you’re going tto a well-known blogger
    when you aren’t already. Cheers!

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