Get Free iOS 7 Beta 6 Download – UDID GiveAway

Everybody wants something for nothing and today, we are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on one of 30 FREE UDID Activation’s .   Here’s how to be in with a chance of being one of the lucky 30 UDID winners :

udid activation screenzz

Because you are not registered as a developer with the Apple program you will almost certainly be faced with an activation error. So, to be in with a chance of Getting your UDID Activated for Free, follow these simple steps:

How to Get Free UDID Activation

  1. Like our Facebook Page
  2. Follow our Twitter Page
  3. Give us your UDID number in a comment on this article. This gives us your email address [not visible on site] so that we can let you know if you are one of the lucky winners. All UDID activations are valid for a complete 1 year. That means you also get iOS 8 firmware upon its release next year [2014] Free of Cost .

Note : All winners will be randomly selected and crosschecked for all the above participation requirements [1 to 3] . Your details should be in compliance with the terms of the giveaway . You can share this giveaway with your friends and family and ask them to leave their UDID’s here provided the above 3 conditions are met .

How to Install iOS 7 using your Free Activated UDID :

** Supports iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch

  1. Download iOS 7 Beta 6
  2. Connect your PC and iOS device together
  3. Launch iTunes
  4. Navigate to Device Summary
  5. Press down on the SHIFT (ALT or OPTION if you use a Mac) Key and at the same time click UPDATE in iTunes itunes ios 7 download updates
  6. Find the iOS 6 beta IPSW you downloaded and let iTunes update your iOS device to the new beta

If you haven’t already downloaded any of the iOS 7 betas, you are missing out on a  treat. Back in June, iOS 7 was revealed to be a complete redesign. It’s been given a total makeover, an overhaul the likes of which has never been seen on an iOS firmware before. All the native apps have been upgraded, the icons have been given a new look and there are so many new features included now, you will wonder how you ever managed without them before.

Free iOS7 UDID Activation  Video :

So, to get your hands on it now, before it gets rolled out to the public, follow the simple steps outlined above.  Each winner will receive free UDID activation that will last for 12 months. It will cover all current, unexpired betas and future ones that are released in the next year, including iOS 8.

Giveaway Ends  :

Update : Offer extended for 48 more hours . Now ending 23rd August [earlier was 21st August] . Send in your entries now . 30 more UDID added on huge public demand . Winners will be contacted via email and on our Facebook Page .

udid activation download ios 7

Winner List : Total 30

  1. Ashley Reynolds
  2. Juan
  3. Robert
  4. Paul
  5. more ….

Contest Closed . Winners allotted new UDID registrations .




    1. Congratulations . You Won for being the first participant. Here is your UDID activation confirmation. Please let us know how it goes.

      ios 7 udid activation
      Enjoy !!

    1. I followed twitter as @princenoel11 and I liked fb as Jonah Noel Felix but I jus changed it to Shazil Noel. I really hope I win I was the second to enter.

    1. @Paul. You won . Congrats . Here is your UDID activation conformation from dev Centre. now enjoy 1 year of Free iOS Updates . Also get iOS 8 beta next year same time .

      download ios 7 beta 6

  1. my udid is activated but here’s my concern to you all who give their udid in comments, is it safe? UDID as I understand is your device secured “name” by giving it to everyone your device can be easier hacked ? that’s just a question…

    1. I’m dying to have IOS 7,
      not only followed ob twitter or loke your page but I also read all the email updates & news…
      Pick me pls =)

  2. UDID: f81979f8a6a3f2690ba8b8fd5208be3d84a35960
    i follow on twitter with noma lp and on facebook i like with noma pae

    1. @Rudolf : You win. here is your UDID activation confirmation .ios 7 download

      enjoy iOS 7 . Let us know if you are facing any problem with the activation and installation

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      saya yakin saya menang from INDONESIA!


    Followed Jailbreak Modo on Twitter (@fakhriwmf)
    Liked Jailbreak Modo on Facebook (/fakhriwmf)

    It would mean a world if I win this.

      1. Nope, I was lazy to turn on my laptop and copied from an app. But seems like it’s not right, so here’s the one copied from the iTunes: 853c0688f3dexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-hidden-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Please remove my e-mail from the comment section. I think i made a mistake to write it there.

    1. I really hope I win! I really do. I’ve tried passing the Activation error but nothing worked. I’ve liked and followed! I hope I win!

  5. b359fff151d4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-hidden-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    followed on twitter as @iamcdn1969
    liked on Facebook

    1. enjoy iOS 7 . Let us know if you are facing any problem with the activation and installation

  6. Facebook -- Liked

    Twitter -- Followed (@MufcAndrew)

    UDID -- 0dcb2e127b61acfaea306c008ecf2471608e85cb

  7. I really hope I win! I really do. I’ve tried it everything. I’ve liked and followed! Please! P.S. Sorry for posting this again.
    UDID: d8ee448aa0b8979e9caf3d8197b38034329cfd80

  8. It’s people like you guys who ROCK! I’m crossing my fingers! Thanks guys!

    (Did Twitter & Facebook as well!)


    1. @Cindy : You win . Here is your UDID activation . Now enjoy. Make sure to backup everything before upgrade ios 7 jailbreak

  9. My twitter is @EmpireStaGaming. Facebook is Joshua Northern.

    My UDID is 7d420472925d08492a5d44688c532c941d33d773

    1. Did the twitter follow & Facebook like.
      U guys rock, keep doing what you doing and don’t forget to KCCO!!

  10. Guys, please pick me
    I follow you on twitter and like on facebook

  11. Followed Jailbreak Modo on Twitter (@widiaprians)
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    saya yakin saya menang from INDONESIA!

  12. @iPhone Blogger: I like ur website and facebook page alot.
    I really appreciate if u activate my udid d9068e7285261c39aa9ee0a011454615a6da1ba6 in giveaway campaign.
    I follow all the above mentioned steps.I just wanna test pre release of ios7. I shall be very grateful.finger crossed :)

  13. sir i m an Indian hope i will win. i m biggest fan of apple. finger crosed.
    my uuid 6ba177f169d9b18a13ea46ae62a64edd41b64cd2

  14. I dont think my 1st reply showed up.
    Fb- done
    Twitter- done


  15. All done. I’ve liked and followed! I hope I win!

    Mine- 7c147fa60d84xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-hidden-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. I’m really hoping I get this! I’ve been an Apple fan forever and have always wanted to be able to try out new stuff in beta!!! Plus, I would finally be able to get one piece of technology before one of my friends for the first time!!!

  17. UDID: 345173ca34c6ec49426e3a7c01dbefcbf05618a4

    facebook like: user robzsingh
    twitter user name from wch followed @robzsingh

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