iOS 7 beta 6 Bugs and Problems Fix

On Thursday 15th August, Apple surprised everybody with the release of iOS 7 beta 6, several days before it was expected. However, this wasn’t an ordinary beta. Weighing in at just 13.5 MB, beta 6 was released to address one issue only – a problem that some people had been experiencing with unexpected downloads with iTunes in iCloud. Apple also released iTunes 11.0.5 to fix the same issue.


No other fixes or improvements were included in the beta although some people are reporting that it seems to have fixed their battery performance. It’s also been reported that the Google Plus app, which was crashing on the iPhone 5 and 4S, seems to have stabilized now. There have been a few issues reported with beta 6 although, it must be stressed, that these may not affect everybody.

iOS 7 Beta 6 Bugs and Problems :

  • AT&T LTE –Some people are reporting that, when LTE is switched on their device is showing “No Service“. When LTE is turned off, service resumes.ios 7 no service
  • Video Appitunes appstore ios 7 iphone 5 (1)Some are finding that only older purchases are now shown, recent ones are missing. A few people are also experiencing a loss of movies and TV shows they have downloaded in iTunes in the Cloud.
  • Find My iPhone App  – Although you can log in ok, when the maps appear some are finding that the app shuts down and goes back to the home screen – there is a manual update for this in the Development Center
  • Internet Issues – Some video apps, such as Watch ESPN and YouTube are now crashing and throwing up error messages to say the user is not connected to the internet.
  • Compass bugios 7 compass (2)Only on the iPad Mini Wi-Fi. The compass pointer seems to be stuck on North and not moving around.

If you come across any issues not listed here, please tell us so we can update our information. Beta 7 expected to drop on us any day now and should go some way to fixing existing bugs and problems.

iOS 7 Release Date :

iOS 7 GM is expected to be released in 2 stages – 5th September to Apple partners and 10th to Developers, going public on around 19-23rd September.

Useful Links :

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  2. iOS 7 Beta 6 Installation Tutorial




  1. What a shame… Wasn’t all that great before but now it’s slowed to a crawl… Hate the new look and will probably dump this piece of crap and get something else… Apple has lost me forever…

  2. YHaving a lot of issues on my iPad . Unable to download apps, screen freezing on websites. When opening a new window and then returning to a previous window, it’s blank and has to be refreshed.

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