iOS 7 Beta 5 Release Date Expected 12th August

In that last 2 months, since iOS 7 was first revealed at WWDC 2013, Apple has seeded no less than 4 beta versions of the firmware to developers. It’s thought there will be 2 more before the Gold Master is released, although Apple never give us any official confirmation of dates so it’s all pure conjecture. However, there is a noticeable pattern to the releases, or rather the expiry dates that are attached to each release.


Expected iOS 7 beta 5 Release Date :

Apple appear to release a brand new beta exactly a month before the previous one expires. Beta 2 was released on 24th June – beta 1 expired 24th July; beta 3 was released on July 8th and beta 2 expires on 8th August.  The expiry date for beta 4 has been discovered to be 12th September therefore, following the obvious pattern, we can assume that the Beta 5 will come along on 12th August.

Update : iOS 7 Beta 5 Released on 6th Aug

Working on this 6 week cycle of release to expiry it could be fair to say that beta 5 will expire somewhere around 23rd September with number 6, thought to be the last one before the GM, releasing around 23rd August. As of yet there is no official information from Apple regarding the release of the Gold Master or the public version of iOS 7.  Much will depend on what happens with the next couple of betas and whether any serious issues arise between now and then.

Image : ih8sn0w’s tweet about iOS 7 beta 4 expiry date confirmation

iOS-7-Beta-5 release date

It was thought that the recent security breach on the Apple Development Center would push things back a few weeks after the website was closed down for overhaul and rebuild work.  However, Apple worked around the clock to get things running and cause as little disruption as possible to the release of iOS 7.

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