iOS 7 Beta 5 New Features – What’s Changed

Just yesterday, a few days earlier than expected, iOS 7 beta 5 was seeded to registered developers.  It contains the usual bug fixes and a few new features and UI changes. Here’s what’s changed:

iOS 7 Beta 5 Features :

The latest firmware brings a couple of changes to the new OS from Apple . These changes listed below are the ones added after beta 4 released . Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on this article .

  • Install screen changes color depending on color of device – white iPhone gets a white screen with a black Apple logo and progress bar, the black ones gets a black screen with white logo and bar ; black white apple logo power on screen ios 7 iPhone 5
  • The settings app gets redesigned icons settings-icons
  • The Twitter logo has been redesigned to a blue bird on a white background ios7-beta5-new-twitter-logo
  • New Control Center setting that lets you disable Control Center while in apps to stop accidental opening ios7-beta5-controlcenter-accessapps
  • Accessibility gets a new noise cancellation setting to help with ambient noise when making a call ios7-beta5-noisecancelation
  • Skype is now working properly
  • The “Slide to Power Off” slider has been slightly redesigned with animation and an arrow, similar to the “Slide to Unlock” bar on the lock screen power off iOS 7 iphone 5
  • Setting in iCloud for Keychain – all your passwords and credit card info will now be stored in iCloud
  • New Yahoo branding included in Notification Center for Stock and weather data
  • Light redesign for the On/Off toggle for Labels
  • Panorama wallpapers gone – UPDATE – iPad 4 can use panorama wallpapers and only some iPhone 5 users seem to be able to use them
  • Use a device on iOS 7 to set up Apple TV following restore and reset – will not work with iPhone 4 or iPad 2
  • App data now available for uninstalled apps as well as those that are installed
  • Brand new grabber from Banner Notifications to access Notification Center – similar to lock screen

More iOS 7 Beta 5 Changes :

  • Phone app icons for keypad, mute, speaker, FaceTime, Contacts and Add Contact have been slightly changed
  • The sound you used to hear when unlocking your device has gone
  • Some improvements in performance
  • Messages app displays contact only by first name but this can be changed by going into Settings App. Tap on Mail, Contacts and Calendar, Short Name.
  • Minor changes to transparency and blur

That’s it for now, as other changes and features are discovered we’ll keep you updated. You can download iOS 7 beta 5 firmware here .



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