iOS 7 Beta 5 Bugs and Fixes

On August 6th, many people got a bit of a surprise when they found that Apple had seeded iOS 7 Beta 5, about a week earlier than expected.  It’s not a big download this time, just 150 MB but it does contain a couple of fixes from previous betas. It’s also kicked up a few more bugs and issues that need attention. First , the fixes .



iOS 7 Beta 5 Bug Fixes :

  • iPhone 4 user can now download content from the App Store
  • Voice memos have been added to file types supported in iCloud
  • Users can now disable to Control Center from working within apps
  • Skype is now working properly
  • Step-by-step instructions have been removed from the lock screen and the Slide to Power off slider redesigned.

The following are bugs and issues that have been found during testing of iOS 7 Beta 5. It is important to bear in mind that these bugs do not affect all users, only some .

iOS 7 Beta 5 Bugs Found So Far :

  • Wi-Fi signal bar extremely weak, continuation of an issue that started in Betas 3 and 4 wifi problem iOS 7 beta 5 iphone 5
  • Swipe to Unlock sound has disappeared ios 7 lockscreen
  • Wallpaper appears to be zoomed in and cannot be moved or resized, even after turning off Parallax
  • Some users experiencing Safari browser crashing when using Private Browsing
  • Random rebooting issue black white apple logo power on screen ios 7 iPhone 5
  • Multitasking gestures to close apps keep freezing the screen
  • Gmail crashes on startup – continuation from Beta 2
  • Some devices reporting an abnormally long boot up time
  • Some are complaining of fast battery drainage while others say theirs is better than before ios 7 low battery  (1)
  • One or two reports of overheating
  • Pop-up for volume increase or decrease has disappeared
  • iPad 2 users are reporting that their screen goes blank, showing only the wallpaper and requires a hard reset to work again.

These are the main issues that have been reported, as soon as we hear of more we’ll let you know.  In the meantime, if you come across any that have not yet been reported let us know and we’ll update our information for other users.

Some of these issues can be removed by resetting or restoring your device between beta downloads although this will not work for everyone. Please leave your comments below with problems you might be facing on iOS 7 beta releases .




  1. The bugs/glitches I am experiencing are the play, previous and forward button do NOT work on my Control Center. And they do not work on the lockscreen either. My dates on my calendar do not show up on my Notification Center either.

  2. Since I updated to iOS7, the only bugs I have experienced so far is that Kik doesn’t work, as everytime it opens it goes straight back to the homescreen. Another issue is every 5 minutes or so I receive a text saying “Sorry your text messaging service is currently unavailable due to insufficient funds. Please top up your account and try again”. I don’t know why I keep receiving this text as I do have funds for text messaging in my account.

  3. Just recently the toggles for cellular data on/off switches say on and don’t turn off. When you try to turn them off, and leave settings, they are back on again. This is causing a HUGE battery drain! This then prompts the typical message that you are not connected to the internet, when in fact you are. It’s very odd.

  4. I having the following problems :
    On my iPad mini , holding the language button sometime did not show the input select menu, especially in app
    In my iPhone, this one is lethal. The phone app after I receive a call, sometime it respond slow and hard to answer call. Also almost every time after a call and quit the app back to home, the screen icons does not show, it give me blank page. To fix this I need to go to multi task and switch back to desktop again and it will back to normal.
    Battery seem have a shorter life now.
    Whatsapp cannot slide to cancel out going voice message.

  5. My problem on the iPhone 5 is that thr mail app is super glitchy. It fails to download emails and that deleting an email won’t delete it. Restart the app and it’s still there. Music controls don’t work half of the time. No lock sound and some weird home screen/lock screen glitches.

  6. iPad 2 users are reporting that their screen goes blank, showing only the wallpaper and requires a hard reset to work again.
    Multitasking gestures to close apps keep freezing the screen
    i got both on iPad 3

  7. Mine is that when I set panorama as wallpaper, the wallpaper barely moves and it appears to be zoomed. The parallax effect on the homescreen doesn’t appear to be as impressive as the one shown in iOS 7 demo video. There is a glitch when I tried to open spotlight from the homescreen.

  8. I have iPad 2 with working with IOS 7, my ipad 2 screen goes blank, showing only the wallpaper and requires a hard reset to work again. i tired to swithc off IPAD but not sucss because in screen only wallpaper was appear.

    please help me

  9. The bug I am haveing is the “sorry your text messaging service is currently unavailable due to insufficiant funds. Please top up your account and try again” it keeps randomly piping up even tho I’m not sending any messages. I never had this problem before I updated to the ios7. Need help it’s slowly annoying me!

  10. On my iPhone 5 the iTunes app won’t load. It pops up and shows the search bar (with my last search in it) and then closes back out.

  11. Gmail crashes as soon as I try to go in. (iPad2) It asks me if I want to ‘report’ the crash but then the offer/screen also disappears! :-(

  12. My keypad hangs every few letters for a long time! It types about 3-4 letters and then pauses for about 5 seconds consistently! It’s making it very frustrating to text or post on Facebook! I’ve rebooted twice.

  13. Some of my apps have completely disappeared. Facebook and YouTube are nowhere to be found on the device, but when I connect it to iTunes on my computer, the apps are shown and I can drag them to my phone. I then sync and they don’t show up still. Anybody else have this glitch or know how to fix it?

  14. when I open some Apps I get ” connect to Itunes to use Push notifications.It will not go away until I force close or be quicker than it is to switch to another screen.I have connected to Itunes but I just dont have a clue on what to do. Any ideas?

  15. After my phone is on for awhile ,yntexts disappear and it will not let me send or receive any texts or calls. To make it work I have to turn my phone off then back on and it only works for a short period of time. HELP!!

  16. The whole bar on the top of my screen with service, wifi, time, and battery percentage disappeared from my home screen and lock screen. As I unlocked it, I would see it again then it disappeared again when I got to my home screen. It only showed when I was in an app like safari, google, or iMessage… I’m not sure if anyone else had this problem, but I fixed mine by turning my phone off and on again.

  17. Since updating to iOS 7.0.2 on my 4s my media volume controls disappear and reappear in music player and control centre

  18. Since updating to IOS 7 the bugs found are wallpaper resizing. Even with the parallex off images still appear to large. After closing music my inline remote can no longer start it up when I press play. I hVe to do this maualy. And I cannot print using the print option in office HD pro i causes the app to close. These affect both my ipod touch 5th gen and ipad 3rd gen.

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