iOS 7 Beta 4 Release Date Could Be Weeks Off

Following a security breach last week, the Apple Development Center is currently closed down for an overhaul and rebuild. Apple has not given any date for reopening but some of the top developers for iOS are speculating that it could be some time.  This will result in a delay of iOS 7 Beta 4 which was expected last week.

Update : Download iOS 7 beta 4 now . Released 29th July for Developers Only .

ios 7 beta 4

They have uploaded a Status Page on the website, giving details of what needs to be worked on first. iOS 7 Beta 4, although important is a little way down the list, with Apple concentrating firmly on getting developers back on-line to develop and sell their apps.

The Developer Center (link) has been offline for more than a week now, inaccessible by both developers and testers alike.  While iOS 7 Beta 4 was expected last Monday, in line with the current 2-weekly release cycle, it’s not likely to be released until the Developer Center is back up and running.

2 highly popular developers think the release could now be weeks away, sharing their thoughts on Twitter. Paul Haddad, developer of TweetBot for iPhone and iPad and Marco Arment, responsible for InstaPaper both believe it could be a while but hope that the beta will be released before Beta 3 expires on 29th August.

While the system has been down Apple did release a developer preview of OS X Mavericks but until the system is up and running fully again, they will not release Beta 4. However, even with the outage, Apple are more than likely still working on future betas. One leak suggests that a completely new build is being tested, one that will allow dictation offline.

Apple has previously stated that  iOS 7 will be publicly released in the Fall but with no specific date. This could now be pushed back if the delay continues for too long.



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  1. This newsletter has peaked to soon and reflects on not so accurate news of ios7 beta 4 release date, has its been released today.

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