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A little over 3 weeks ago, Apple opened their WWDC in San Francisco with a keynote speech that promised a year of change.  In it they showed us, not just a new line-up of hardware but a redesigned OS X and, the one thing we had all been waiting for, iOS 7.  Prior to the conference Jony Ives had promised us that the new firmware would be something different, that it was being completely redesigned.  He wasn’t wrong. Gone was the old, classic look we’ve all come to expect and, in its place was an unrecognizable firmware, one that seemed to have borrowed quite heavily from Cydia, of all places.

download ios 7 beta 4

Beta 1 was released to developers on June 10th, followed 2 weeks later by Beta 2. Beta 3 could well be released on July 8th, if rumors are to be believed. It is expected that iOS 7 will be released publicly around 20th September, most likely when the new devices start to be released as well.

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Now that we are on the road to completion, thoughts are turning to the next untethered jailbreak. We know there will be one and we know that evad3rs are possibly going to upgrade evasion to support it.  We also know that the Chronic Dev Team have hinted at one and that P0sixninja has already found a lot of the exploits needed and claimed iOS 7 as his.  However, it won’t be before public release of iOS 7.

ios 7 beta 4 download

When the firmware is available for download there will be 3 methods; OTA, which is the easiest but will interfere with a jailbreak; iTunes, one of the more popular methods and IPSW download. Guides for all 3 methods will be made available in readiness for the release of iOS 7. In the meantime, stay with us for more news as it develops.

Update : Here are the iOS 7 Beta 4 Leaked Links . Copy paste the links in your browsers address bar and download the firmware for your device. The iOS 7 beta 4 ipsw files need to be downloaded on a computer , and then installed via iTunes .

ios 7 beta 4 iphone 5 OTA download

iOS 7 Beta 4 Official Links : Requires Developers Account

UnOfficial iOS 7 Beta 4 Links : (copy + paste in your browser)

  • iPhone 5 (Model A1428) – Link
  • iPhone 5 (Model A1429) – Link
  • iPhone 4S – Link
  • iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A 8GB) – Link
  • iPhone 4 (GSM) – Link
  • iPhone 4 (CDMA) – Link
  • iPod Touch (5th generation) – Link
  • iPad (all models): Link
  • iPad Mini (all models) : Link

Update : Activation Error

It has come to our notice that many iPhone and iPad users are unable to activate iOS 7 beta 4 even after successfully installing it using our tutorial . Activation is required to start using iOS 7 on your device . With the activation screen On , one can only see the welcome message and cannot go inside the device and perform actions like making a call , or texting , taking pictures etc .

activation error ios 7 beta 4

Solution :

To solve this problem , you have to go back to iOS 7 beta 3 which still allows unregistered users activation without the UDID registration . Other have to buy UDID Registration from 3rd party sites or create a 99$ account on Apple Dev Centre . Below are few quick links for troubleshooting your problems .

Important : Converting DMG to IPSW Format

Windows users are going to face a problem related to dmg compatibility on Windows system. For them , there is a simple solution to Convert DMG to IPSW format by extracting the ipsw file from the encrypted .dmg file they downloaded .

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59 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. Haydn says:

    No unofficial links?

  2. Scott says:

    There not working for iPhone 5 :-(

  3. Robin says:

    I need a key, how can i get it?

  4. Steve says:

    i downloaded the file .dmg but how do i install it?

  5. sovit says:

    not working with iphone 4 gsm! saying not compatible!

  6. iPhone Blogger says:

    Hope that helps guys . Just need to convert dmg to ipsw . thats all . dmg is not supported on windows , but its on Mac

  7. Achai says:

    For iPhone 5 -- How can I tell which model to use? Because my iPhone Model is MD299ZA/A. Can someone please help me to clarify.

  8. ken says:

    can’t download. mega always gets stuck at 67%

    • Kano says:

      If your using google chrome, safari or internet explorer i say use morzilla firefox it is the safest and the best way and it also doesnt stop mega download links its slow but does the job!

  9. Rhys says:

    Ok, I registered my UDID with apple and got the original iOS7 beta, after a couple weeks I decided to go back to iOS 6.1.4 because the beta was so buggy. I recently tried to go back to the beta using iTunes just as I had the first time but it comes back with an error after extracting the file

    Unknown Error (3194)

    So I found this site, and DL’d

    iPhone 5 (Model A1428) — Link ipsw

    Once the file completed, I used iTunes to restore to this beta and it’s not compatible……any help?

  10. nhi says:

    I downloaded the Link and it says its only version 7.0, not 7.0.4… it like that for anyone else?

  11. Brandon Aaron says:

    Hey man,

    so I keep getting Firmware is incompatible and I double checked numerous times to see if my iphone was CDMA and my iphone is A1349 so, yes it is CDMA. When I try restoring it (Shift right click restore) I keep getting Firmware is incompatible. This stuff takes forever to download and had to redownload like 3 times already and still get the same message! Should I restore my iphone first and then try it?

  12. Matheus says:

    UnOfficial are to who are not developer?

  13. Daniel says:

    keep getting stuck at 1%

  14. davut says:

    4 e yükleyemiyorum

  15. JobsMovie says:

    iPhone 4S – ipsw . Don’t work. The downloaded file size sometimes is 300MB others 125MB, maybe problems within idk.

  16. iPhone Blogger says:

    All download links updated . All working ipsw links

  17. gabriel says:

    iPhone 5 (Model A1428)
    status bar freezes at the beginning on the very last step.
    all i could do is wait for the battery to run out.
    it freezes every time i try
    any suggestions??

  18. WiZzi says:

    I tried the unofficial download for A1429, download worked, itunes restore worked, but when asked to set up the phone I got the error message that my phone isn’t part of the developer program.
    I thought the unofficial links could be used by non-developers? or is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • iPhone Blogger says:

      yes it can be activated . I think its because of the Dev centre Downtime . They are offline for the moment . We will be updating you soon , as you keep trying …

  19. ArtInt says:

    Hi I have an iPhone 4 GSM (A1332) with iOS 6.1.3 and I have a tethered jailbreak installed through rensn0w 0.915b3.

    I tried to upgrade to iOS 7 beta 4 through iTunes (using the ipsw for iPhone 4) but got a “The firmware is not compatible” message.

    What is the solution to this?


  20. Moyz says:

    I wanted to update my iPhone 5 to iOS7 (from iOS6) , so I just jumped to the beta4 version. But when restoring, it seems that phone stucks at one point, where the screen is all dark only with the apple logo and a very small loading bar appear. but the bar isn’t actually moving. I thought it will take some time, but after 4 hours it is still not moving. Can u help me?

    • Moyz says:

      oh yes, the unofficial version of course..

      • gabriel says:

        I had the same problem
        Unfortunately nothing worked .. I took it to the apple store and they couldn’t do anything about it either.
        Luckily I have warranty so they gave me a new iPhone

  21. Coconut says:

    All the methodes does’nt work with my iPod 5th generation.
    Is it possible to download IOS 7 with out apple toy? And how to JAILBREAK an iPod safety?

  22. Tyler says:

    Hey I have a question, I’m currently on beta 3 for the iPhone 5, I know people are having trouble with activation on beta 4 but is that for the first time installers or everyone? Would I need to active if I used the OTA way to go from beta 3 to 4? Thanks

  23. Kano says:

    Hey i gotta a iPhone 4 8gb model A1332 and i bought it from Australia, Tried the iPhone 4 CDMA unofficial link but it says firmware not compatible please help guys i really want ios 7

  24. Alex says:

    Hey there.. is the wrong link the 4S..
    After download said just for Iphone 4.. Not 4S..
    Where is the link for 4S?? UN-OFFICIAL!!

  25. sappy says:

    Heyy … Which link worked on iphone 4,16 GB ??

  26. Gurutech says:

    this device isn’t eligible for the requested build, that is what it shows me, please advice. thanks

  27. eduardo says:

    is not compatible i cant upgrade what link do i need my iphone 5 has model md295e/a

  28. Sorsha says:

    I have an iPhone 4s & I tried downloading it for the 4s but it says that the download is no longer available. :(

  29. Daouda Sanou says:

    all downolaods are free. its the activation that costs.

  30. angelo says:

    direct link for iphone 4 gsm??

    • Leahlo says:

      I really need this too! LET ME KNOW if you find a unofficial link for any iphone 4 gsm with firmware 7
      I want to download it and not wait 20 hours from apple