iOS 7 Beta 3 Allows Motion Control using Head Gestures

With iOS 7 Beta 3 expected next week, it’s a good time to look at some of the features that will be included.   The second Beta didn’t do much to address any of the main issues that were raised during Phase 1 testing, including the overheating and random crashing problems, However, it did include a couple of new features, enhanced some that were already there and improved on speed and performance.


One of the new features that was spotted in Beta 2 and will be included in Beta 3 is a new control system.  This one allows you to control your iPhone or iPad just by using a series of head gestures.  This is quite similar to Air Gesture, a feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4 that allowed control by hand gestures.

Apple’s version of the control system lets you set up gestures to open up apps, read your emails, surf the web, flick through music and other media and a whole host of other things just by moving your head to the left or to the right.  You can even set it up so that you can access Siri or go back to your home screen without having to touch the device at all.

This new Beta 3 feature is in addition to the ones that were revealed in Apple’s keynote speech on June 10th.  Others include a brand new control center, a notification system that has been upgraded, tighter security features in the form of Activation Lock and a new app switcher. Many of these look like they were borrowed from jailbreak tweaks.

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  1. I don’t get how these “new” features have been around for years and now they want to stop jailbreaking…

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