iOS 7 Battery Drainage Problem Fix

Battery life has always been a big issue for users of Apple devices. With the addition of so many new features each time the firmware is updated, more and more of a toll is taken on the battery. This seems to have been more of a problem since the iOS 7 betas started to make an appearance, more so on some devices than on others. While beta 4 fixed the issue for some, beta 5 seems to have kick started it again, especially on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3.

low battery problem ios 7 iphone 5

Normally, high battery drain is down to having a lot of features switched on that you are not using and having a lot of unused apps. As each iOS 7 beta is released more features are being added in, exacerbating the problem to the extent that some users are finding they have to recharge their battery daily.

There are ways to reduce the amount of battery drain on iOS 7 beta 5:

  1. First, do not update to iOS 7 beta 5 with a backup – start with a clean install and set your iPhone up as a new device
  2. Switch off anything you are not using, such as Bluetooth, Siri, Mobile Data or Wi-Fi – you don’t need both on at once.
  3. iOS 7 control centre download
  4. Notification Center and Control Center both eat up a lot of battery when your iPhone is in standby because they are now present on the lock screen – go into Settings, access both features and disable them from running on the lock screen [as shown in the image below].
  5. notification centre control centre ios 7
  6. Go into Settings > General > Background App Refresh – this will show you all the apps that us your battery life when you are not using your iPhone – disable all of those that refresh automatically in the background background app refresh ios 7 iphone 5
  7. Do not use your iPhone while it is on charge – this will drain the battery very quickly. ios 7 low battery iphone 5 charging

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