iOS 8 App Downloads Now Refundable within 14 Days in EU

One of the most frustrating things is trying to get a refund on something you paid good money for that doesn’t work. The subject of refunds for purchases made through an iOS system has been a point of discussion for a while now, simply because Apple’s policy is not very clear. Google users can get a refund if they request it within 2 hours of buying an app but for iOS users it’s a bit hit and miss.

Image : iOS 7 App Downloads Now Refundable

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Well that’s all changed for those who live within the EU now. Apple is giving users who make purchases from the App Store, iTunes or iBookstore 14 days from the time they get their receipt to request a refund. As receipts are rarely, if ever, given straightaway, in theory you could have quite a bit longer.

The policy change comes several months after a new EU directive that dictates purchases in any EU member state must be backed up by a 14 day cancellation policy. The directive came out in June 2014, and, although Apple has taken 6 months to effect the change, Google has not yet updated their policies to reflect it.

Image : New Policy states 14 day refund policy

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Now, as any developer knows, Apple takes a percentage of all sales made through their various stores so the question now is, does Apple refund that 30% cut or does the developer have to pay for the full amount – effectively leaving them with a 60% cut? How the new policy works remains to be seen but all users should be pleased that they will no longer be stuck with an unreadable book or an app that doesn’t do what it says on the box, provided they live in an EU member state.

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