iOS 7.1 Downloads Coming in March 2014

A while back Apple dropped iOS 7.0.5 on users of some models of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Not long afterwards, they released iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers. It was rumored at the time that this would be the last beta before the Gold master version was released, followed shortly by public launch.

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A report out today seems to indicate that Apple is planning a March release for iOS 7.1.  This will be the first major update to the latest firmware but will not have anything spectacular in it in the way of new features.

The report indicates that there will be a few changes to the user interface in the stock Phone app, a better calendar app and some improvement in the speed of the firmware, as well as those ever-present bug fixes.

It is thought that Apple will hold an event in March to announce the new firmware and possibly to give out details on the rumored upcoming Apple TV 4.

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iOS 7.1 beta 5 contained a few changes to the firmware, including new voices for Siri, more natural sounding ones for the UK, Australian, Chinese and Japanese markets.  There is now a button in iTunes Radio that lets you choose to purchase a whole album instead of one specific track. The SHIFT and CAPS lock keys have been given a small change, the Toggle List View option button in the Calendar app is bolder and the parallax effect has been given a name change, from Motion to Perspective Zoom.

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One major change affects the jailbreak community. Betas 4 and 5 of iOS 7.1 effectively patched the exploits used by Evad3rs to build Evasi0n 7, stopping anyone who updates to the new firmware from Jailbreaking.  Evad3rs are remaining quiet at the moment on whether they have additional exploits they can use to produce a utility for the new firmware.

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