iOS 7.1 Download to Fix issue with Geo- Location

iOS developers tell us that, when an app is force-closed on iOS 7, especially if it is a location-based app, it loses its ability to be able to track GPS coordinates. Apparently, with iOS 7.1 beta 5, this issue has now been solved. It would appear that this has been an issue since iOS 7 was first released back in September 2013 and has not done a great deal for the ratings of apps that are location-based. 

Image : iOS 7.1 System Location Settings 

system gps settings ios 7.1

Because the app ceases tracking locations, users have been leaving scores of bad reviews for the developers, even though it would appear it is nothing to do with the actual app. One service that has been affected is Life360, an app that allows family members to be tracked with the use of GeoLocation. Life360 and a number of other developers have collectively written to Apple explaining what effect this issue is having on their apps: 

 “Dear Apple iOS Development Team, We are a group of Apple developers who rely on iOS geolocation services for core parts of our businesses. iOS 7 was hugely exciting to us, as new features such as Location Beacons, Background Networking, and Multi-Peer Connectivity give us the ability to do things we never thought were possible. In previous versions of iOS, if a user killed an application in the app switcher, developers were still able to get geolocation in the background. With iOS 7, once a user kills an application, all processes are terminated until the user manually restarts the app. We appreciate the intent behind this change, which we realize was done to give users more control over what is running on their phones, but it has caused major unintended consequences. … Many developers who rely on background geolocation have seen their app ratings fall by over 3 stars.” 

Life360 explained that a major change had been noticed in beta 5 of iOS 7.1.  According to those who have tested it, when an app is force closed, the geolocation service continues running, not shutting down with the app as it was before. There will obviously be those who are not happy with this – most people who force close apps do it because they don’t want loads of apps continually running in the background and they are likely to be annoyed that they can’t shut it down completely.

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The only way to shut it off completely is to go into Settings and shut off Location Services altogether. Once iOS 7.1 is finally made public, thought to be in March, there will be more details available.

The new firmware isn’t thought to be a massive change from iOS 7. There will be a few changes to the user interface and it will be speedier but, other than the normal bug fixes, users shouldn’t notice too much difference. The only real difference is that Apple has patched the jailbreak exploits with the new firmware meaning that, at the moment, iOS 7.0.5 is the last version that can be jailbroken.

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