Upcoming iOS 7.0.7 Download to Enhance Touch-ID Sensor

When the iPhone 5S was launched in September 2013, users were eager to try out its brand new feature, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Despite a few hiccups to start with, Touch ID has proven to be one of the most successful features ever to be included on an iPhone.

Image:  iPhone 5S Touch ID Feature

ios 7.0.7 download

While the release of the gold iPhone took its crown for a while, Touch ID is far more useful in that it offers an extra layer of security as well as enforcing the fact that the iPhone really is a cool handset to own. A report from AppleInsider says that Touch ID is about to be upgraded with a software update, due any time now.  The update will make Touch ID better at recognizing prints and will also fix a “fade” issue that some users were experiencing. The report comes via a source that is apparently close to Apple and their plans for development, and also tells us that Apple have been working on a solution for the fade issue.

iOS 7.0.7 Release Date :

The update is apparently imminent although it isn’t known if it will be iOS 7.0.7, integrated into iOS 7.1 or another update completely. Touch ID was born after Apple acquired AuthenTec for a cool $356 million in 2012.  Apple worked closely with AuthenTec to build and refine the fingerprint sensor. The fading problem seems to occur when the sensor fails to recognize fingerprints straight away. It can be fixed by reconfiguring Touch ID but appears to come back again later on down the line.

Image:  Breakdown of Touch ID Sensor


If the report is correct, the update will bring a vast improvement to the feature although it isn’t likely to be the one update that stops the sensor from malfunctioning on occasion. Fingerprint sensors have been in use for years and the partnership between Apple and AuthenTec is relatively new. It is likely to be some time before we can rely on the feature to work seamlessly and trouble-free. If you have experienced the fade issue, all you can do at the moment is reconfigure Touch ID and input your prints again, using the Settings app on your iOS device.  As soon as the update is released, we’ll let you know.


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