iOS 7.0.3 Firmware Download Available from Oct 23nd

On September 23rd , after a wait of more than 3 months while it was tested, iOS 7 will be finally released to the public. Since then, Apple has released 2 further updates to it, the first being to fix an issue on Touch ID on the iPhone 5S and the second being to fix a security issue on the Lockscreen.  On October 23rd , one month after the initial release, iOS 7.0.3 will be made available for download.

Image : iOS 7.0.3 Download and Jailbreak Success [Updated]

jailbreak ios 7

Normally, Apple release updates fairly regularly after a firmware release but it has been a while since the second one was pushed out. It is thought that iOS 7.0.3 will be a major update, mainly to fix iMessage problems and battery issues, along with the usual round of bug fixes and minor updates.

When iOS 7.0.2 was released musclenerd, jailbreak developer, warned users not to update as it looked as if it would hinder any chances of being able to use the untethered utility when it came out. However, the advice has now changed and it is safe to update if you want to jailbreak in the future.  As with any release, when 7.0.3 is released, it will be best to wait for the go ahead from the jailbreak developers before upgrading to it, as they will test it first to see if it interferes with the jailbreak in any way.

Save your SHSH Blobs :

At the moment, evad3rs are still working round the clock to get the untethered utility ready for release although there is still quite a bit of work still to be done.  The advice is to save your SHSH blobs regularly from now on so that you can downgrade if necessary after the release of 7.0.3, as Apple will stop signing 7.0.2.

Image : Post iOS 7.0.3 Download Problem – Cable Accessory Not Supported Error

cable charging not supported

Update :

A word of warning first though – if you are intending to jailbreak when Evasion for iOS 7 is available, do not touch this upgrade. Musclenerd, jailbreak developer has confirmed that it shuts down relevant iOS 7 exploits and you will not be able to carry out the jailbreak. If you do not intend to jailbreak, use one of the upgrade methods to download and install iOS 7.0.3.

We’ll keep you fully informed of progress with the jailbreak and when 7.0.3 is released, we’ll let you know what the fixes are and if there are any new features. In the meantime, follow us on TwitterFacebook and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.



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