iOS 7.0.2 Still Vulnerable to LockScreen Hack – iOS 7.0.3 Coming

Last week we told you of a lock screen issue that reared its head with iOS 7, an intricate combination of taps that allowed you to bypass the lock screen and gain access to the contents of an iOS 7 device. Apple released iOS 7.0.2 to fix this issue a couple of days ago but now another one has been found. And, yes, it’s to do with the lock screen again.

Image : iOS 7 LockScreen

ios 7.0.3 locksreen

There are 2 videos that have been unloaded to YouTube by 2 separate people showing how the hack works – both can be seen later on in the article. This vulnerability, unlike the last one, does not allow access to anything other than the Phone app and it can be stopped in its tracks just by disabling access to Siri from the lock screen. Here’s how to test this latest vulnerability out for yourself. You need access to another iPhone to do this.

 Steps to Break into iOS 7 LockScreen :

  1. Access Siri and use Voice Control voice control siri ios 7
  2. Ask Siri to make a Facetime phone call to the another phone as shown in the image below facetime call SIRI ios 7  (2)
  3. Now click on the FaceTime button
  4. As soon as FaceTime app opens, put your iPhone into sleep mode
  5. Now unlock the iPhone
  6. On the other iPhone, answer the FaceTime call and then end it straightaway
  7. Leave it a few seconds and access the Phone app

Although this does only give access to the Phone app, it is a flaw that should not be there. This hack will give someone else access to your contacts, voicemail, call history and anything else associated with the Phone app. While having a fully functional lock screen seems to be what users wanted, it looks as though having too much access to apps from it is causing nothing but trouble.  You can disable Siri by:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Passcode and Fingerprint Settings
  4. Tap to disable Siri access on the lock screen until such time as another fix is released by Apple.

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