iMessage on iOS 7 Not Working – Waiting for Activation Fix

Just lately, Apple seems to be suffering with things going wrong. First, they had a security breach, which resulted in the closure of their development website for a while; this was followed by their activation servers going offline and issues being reported with iTunes. Now it’s the turn of iMessage.

Image : iMessage Not Working on iOS 7

ios 7 imessage activation unsuccessful

Some users are reporting that sometimes iMessage just decides not to work and there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason attached to it.  So, because we don’t know what causes it, we have listed a number of solutions – all you can do is try each one until iMessage works again.  Just occasionally, the problem will lie with Apple’s servers and sometimes it will be with the recipient of your messages not having iMessage configured correctly and there’s nothing you can do to fix those issues. Here goes:

Fix iOS 7 iMessages Not Working :

  1. Check your network settings and Wi-Fi proxies.  iMessage requires Wi-Fi or 3G to work but will occasionally stop working even with a valid connection. If you use Wi-Fi, move closer to the router and, for 3G, reset the cellular connection.
  2. Switch iMessage off and then turn it on again.  You can do this in Settings > Messages. Make sure your connection is active and then leave it a while before attempting to send an iMessage to another iMessage user. Failing that, sign off your Apple ID completely and then sign back in again; turn iMessage off and on again.
  3. Check your Send and Receive options. Go to Settings > Messages > Send and Receive. Look for your phone number and Apple ID then try one of these:
  • Remove your email ID and just use your number’;
  • Choose your email OR iPhone and see if iMessage is working;
  • Choose both phone number and email – a “Start New Conversation” message will appear so select your own phone number.

Image : iOS 7 Waiting for activation error fix

ios 7 imessage waiting for activation

Other things to try are deleting old iMessages or carrying out a complete restore  and setting up as a new iPhone instead of restoring from backup.. You can also try setting the date to update automatically – Settings, General, Date and Time and tap on Set Automatically to enable it.





  1. Mine shows waiting for activation. I’ve tried everything and still doesn’t work. Keeps telling me to check connection and try again later. I’ve reset network and complete reset.

    1. I had little (but some) problem with my IPhone 5.0, but my Ipad 2.0 is screwed up. I’m in the process of doing another restore to see if that will work. Come on Apple!

  2. I downgraded to iSO7….I dont get texts now ! If I go into my messages they are there but I don’t get any sounds or alerts that I am receiving a text message. WTH? My BF actually called me because he thought something was wrong because I wasn’t answering his texts…This sucks.

  3. My wifes imessage works so good, if she text my iphone it sends the text back to her. my still says waiting for activation. This sucks bad.

  4. Since ios7 my iMessage and FaceTime won’t even let me switch it to on. No activation message either! Can ne1 help me it’s really annoying me now!

  5. I can’t seem to get imessage to work.. I plugged it in to my internet…omg.. why? I can’t get messages from people that upgrade to ios7

  6. Not only will my iMessage not activate, I am not receiving any messages being sent by those with IOS 7. What’s completely unforgivable, the sender is not getting a failure notice. This is a death dagger in my business!!!!

  7. I have an iphone4 and updated to iOS7 the same day most everyone else did and my iMessage worked fine. But then I updated to 7.02 a couple days ago and now i can’t send iMessages. I have to convert them to regular text messages. A couple of my friends are having issues too. Tried the fixes mentioned above and none of them worked. What’s going on Apple?

  8. I have iPhone 4S IOS 7.1.1 Imessage said “Waiting for activation” and my wife iPhone 4S IOS 7.0.6 Imessage show no problem.
    I trying sent her message and she received from my phone IOS 7.1.1 she text back to me and I received too but my phone still show “Waiting for activation”. Weir.

  9. I have to comment here, which isn’t something I normally do! I enjoy studying a blog that may make individuals think and you’ve certainly managed to do that. Also, thank you for enabling comments!

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