How to Wireless Sync iPhone 5S with iOS 7 on PC and Mac

It used to be quite difficult to successfully synchronize 2 devices together. We tend to keep so much information on our devices that, when we upgrade to a new one or want the same information on another device, it could be time-consuming to painstakingly copy it all over or try to find a relatively painless way of connecting the devices together to copy the information from one to another.

Image : WiFi Sync iPhone 5S with iTunes on iOS 7

wifi sync iphone 5s ios 7


Now, it’s easy. Now, you can use iTunes to sync your iPhone 5 using Wi-Fi. Here’s how You must be running iOS 5 or above for this to work and you must have iTunes 1.5 or above – the latest version is 11.0.5.

Setting Up iTunes Wireless Sync

  1. Connect your iPhone 5S and your PC using the USB to lightning cable
  2. If it doesn’t open automatically, launch iTunes
  3. In the Devices tab, click on the name of your iPhone
  4. Open up Device Summary
  5. Down the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of Options
  6. Make sure the box for Sync with the iPhone over Wi-Fi  is checked itunes wifi sync ios 7

You have now set up your iPhone 5 for wireless syncing. Every time you log onto iTunes with your iPhone 5 connected to your PC, your Phone will automatically sync. Both your iPhone 5 and PC must be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. You can, if you prefer, carry out a manual sync by .

Setting Up Wireless Sync on your iOS Device :

  1. Opening your Settings  app
  2. Tap on General and then scroll down to the iTunes wifi sync option on your device as shown in the image below ios 7 itunes wifi sync (1) ios 7 itunes wifi sync (2)
  3. Tap on iTunes Wi-Fi Sync option and iTunes will sync automatically with your device if they are connected to the same router in your home network .ios 7 itunes wifi sync (3)

Syncing your iPhone 5 using Wi-Fi allows you to sync almost everything – your applications, music files, photos, contacts, calendar entries, books, bookmarks, the list goes on. One word of caution though – while using Wi-Fi is a simple process, if you are syncing a large amount of data, use the USB to lightning cable instead, not Wi-Fi.



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