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Some people will be more familiar with iOS 7 than others, having got to know the new features over the last few months of beta testing. However, some of you may be a little bewildered when you update to the new firmware and are faced with the most radical update in the history of  iOS.

Image : iOS 7 User Guide for iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad

ios 7 user guide

For those of you who are a little lost, Apple has now provided an iOS 7 user guide in iBookstore, free of charge, although only for the iPad and iPod Touch at the moment – an iPhone version is likely to follow shortly.

There has been a great deal of talk about the new firmware, in particular the user interface. Gone is the skeuomorphic, almost 3D look, replaced with a flatter more vibrant look.  Just about everything has been redesigned from the ground up, including all of the app icons. Whether you like it or not, this is the shape of things to come for the future of iOS.

The changes on iOS 7 go much further than just looks though. The existing native apps have been upgraded and enhanced and completely new features have been included, some of them very similar to popular jailbreak tweaks.

Image : iOS 7 Guide preview on AppStore

ios 7 how to guide

Take folders, for example; on previous firmware’s you were limited to displaying  just 12 apps in each folder, now you can have as many as you like. Features such as Control Center and the new Notification Center, as well as the redesigned, more functional lock screen, have all been based on jailbreak tweaks, with some believing the need for a new untethered jailbreak utility has now become obsolete – not true, the developers are currently working on one now.In the meantime, head to iBookstore and download your user guide for free.

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