How to Set Panorama Photo as Live Wallpaper on iOS 7

When iOS 7 debuted on the 10th June at WWDC, one of the features that was talked about was the new 3D dynamic wallpapers with a parallax effect . It has since become an extremely popular feature but now you can get an even more spectacular one by using panoramic photos taken using your device. The iPhone 4S and 5 and the iPod Touch 5 are all capable of taking panorama shots so, if you have one of these devices and have installed iOS 7 beta here’s how to get a wonderful background on your lock or home screen using a panoramic photo you have shot. The photos must have been in the default panorama album, not on your camera roll:

Image : Sample Panorama photo on iOS 7

panorama iphone 5


How to take Panoramic Photo :

  1. Open your Camera app and swipe the bottom of the function area to access panoramic mode
  2. Tap the Take Photo button and then turn, slowly, towards the left. A warning will appear if you are moving too fast. panorama
  3. Once complete you will be shown the panoramic photo you have taken while the camera app processes it and puts it together.
  4. This will be added to your photo album

You can also use panoramic shots that you have downloaded off the internet as well. Setting a Panoramic Shot as Live Wallpaper in iOS 7

  1. Open Settings  from your home screen
  2. Navigate to Brightness and Wallpaper; tap on it panorama wallpaper (1)
  3. Tap on Choose Wallpaper 
  4. Tap on Panoramas – you will find this under Photos 
  5. Now just choose your favorite shot and set it to be your Home screen or Lock screen background. panorama wallpaper (2)

Once you have set it up your image will be displayed as your background. As you move the phone from side to side, the image will pan around so you can see the full effect. While this is only for those who have downloaded the iOS 7 betas, those who have stayed on iOS 6 and are jailbroken can download a couple of tweaks to get the same effect.

Download Related Apps for Non-iOS 7 Users:

DeepEnd and LivePapers are two Cydia tweaks that will allow you to have moving wallpaper. However, neither produce results that are as smooth and god as the Parallax wallpapers. You can install a Winterboard Theme called iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens, available on the ModMyi repo, to get a similar effect. This gives you more than 100 different parallax wallpapers to choose from, for the tiny price of just $1.29.



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