How to Increase iOS 7 Battery Life

One of the biggest issues that dogs iOS device users is battery life. Because there is so much going on at any one time, the battery struggles to keep up and requires charging a lot more often. iOS 7 is no different at the moment.  It has more in the way of effects; there will be push notifications constantly running and other things that will have an effect on battery life.

Image : Low Battery on iOS 7

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Because of this, we need to look at ways to optimize the settings on iOS 7 and find the apps that eat up battery and improve or remove them.  This is a guide on how to optimize iOS 7 beta and help improve battery life:

Cut Down or Eliminate Push Notifications:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Notification Center
  3. Look down the list of apps and disable those that you don’t want sending out Push notifications. notification centre  (2)
  4. You can also disable features such as Stocks or disable any other settings that do not need to be enabled permanently.

General Settings:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap General

Now, take some time to go through the settings in here and disable anything that you do not use at all, or perhaps only se occasionally – you can also enable them when you want to use them again. You can also disable features within the settings, for example Spotlight Search.  If you don’t use it, make sure it is disabled. If you do use it but not for everything, go through the list and uncheck any options that you don’t require searches for.

Go back to Settings and you will see a new feature called Background App Refresh.  Any apps hat can use this will always be running in the background. Tap on the feature and see what apps are listed – tap to disable any that you don’t want. If there are no apps listed then disable the feature altogether.

app background refresh ios 7

Back to Settings and tap on Restrictions. Again, go through and disable anything that you do not use. This doesn’t just improve battery life; it also helps improve RAM at the same time.

Dynamic Effects and Screen Brightness

Staying in Settings, tap on Brightness and Wallpaper.  You will see an option entitled Auto Brightness.  Tap to enable it, as this will automatically adjust your screen brightness to suit external situations. If you use wallpaper, try not to use Dynamic or live papers, as these will eat up battery life very quickly. brightness ios 7

GPS Location Services

From General, tap on Privacy, Location Services.  If you do not want to make use of this feature, disable it altogether. If you do use, tap on it and disable it for any app that you don’t need it for.

There is a bug in iOS 7 at the moment with the Weather App – even when you have disabled it through Background Refresh, it will automatically enable your GPS to search out your location. If you don’t need to know what the weather conditions are, disable it altogether. Or find another source for your weather reports.

In General, now tap on System Services and go through each one, disabling any that you don’t need to be running. You can also disable Frequent Locations if you don’t want to use it.  Back to Settings and tap on Advertising – you’ll find it at the bottom of the list. Tap on Limit Ad Tracking to enable it – this will cut down on you GPS usage, thus improving your battery life.

Optimize Settings:

1.      iCloud Network Settings – In the Settings Main Menu, tap on iCloud and go through the list, disabling anything you don’t need – pay special attention to Documents and Data as this is no longer limited to Wi-Fi, it will continue to run on the cellular network, if available. icloud

2.      iTunes and App Store – Back in the Main Settings menu, tap on iTunes and App Store. Tap on iTunes Match to disable it – this helps with both battery and RAM. Go into Automatic Downloads  and disable anything you don’t want running and you can also disable Use Cellular Data –  this will save you going over your data limit as well as conserving battery life. itunes appstore

3.      Background Apps – From the main Settings menu, scroll down and look at the list of installed apps. If any of them are ones that are likely to be running in the background or sending push notifications, disable them.

These are some of the ways you can try to conserve your battery power. While iOS 7 is still in beta there is a good chance that the poor battery life being reported by some users is down to bugs and other instability issues. In this case, Apple will most likely have these fixed before the firmware rolls out in September.



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