How to Fix Facetime – iMessage Activation Error on iOS 7

While most people have not experienced any issues with the upgrade to iOS 7, there are a few who have had problems with activation on both iMessage and FaceTime. Some of these issues can be put down to the overload on the Apple servers after the initial launch of the firmware but, for a few people, the problems are persisting.

Image : Face-time Inactive – Activation Taking Long Time Problem

ios 7 iphone 5 facetime imessage waiting for activation


Most of the errors seem to be either the device getting stuck at the Waiting for Activation message or a message telling you that an error has occurred and you should try again.  If you follow these steps, in order, you should be able to get your device working properly again fairly quickly:

Check that Your Apple ID is set up for both FaceTime and iMessages For issues with iMessage:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Messages
  3. Tap iMessage ios 7 imessage activation
  4. Check to see if your Apple ID email address and phone numbers are all present and correct.

For issues with FaceTime:

  1. Open  Settings
  2. Tap FaceTime
  3. Make sure you Apple ID is set up with the with the right email address and phone numbers facetime ios 7 iphone 5 activation (1)

If everything looks as it should, move on to the next step: Toggle Off and On The next step is to turn both services off and then back on again. You should do this whether our details are correct or not:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap FaceTime
  3. Tap to toggle OFF,  wait a few seconds and then tap to toggle back ON facetime ios 7 iphone 5 activation (2)
  4. Back to Settings,  tap on iMessage  and repeat

If you are still up against an activation error, go to the next step Reset Network Settings If you do this, your stored password will be wiped out and you will have to re-enter them all again.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Select Reset Network Settings reset network ios 7

You will be asked for your passcode if you have one, before a reset can be done.  Once the reset has finished, hook up to your Wi-Fi network again and then check iMessages and FaceTime to see if they have been fixed. In iMessages pick a contact that also uses iMessage and send them a message – if it’s sent, it’s all working again.

For FaceTime, try to audio call someone before you try video. If the problem still persists: Reboot Switch your device off and then turn it back on again. Try sending an iMessage and making a FaceTime call to see if it all works as it should. If not – on to the last step:

Restore your iOS 7 Device :

restore itunes iphone 5 ios 7

If nothing else works, you can do a complete restore back to factory settings. If you do this, set your device up as new and then use your Apple ID to activate iMessage and FaceTime.  Then go and restore from one of your backups. Make sure you do this I order – don’t try and restore your won files until you have activated everything. You could try to set up a new Apple ID but this isn’t really recommended as so much is tied into this ID and it could cause a lot of problems.

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  1. “In iMessages pick a contact that also uses iMessage and send them a message – if it’s sent, it’s all working again. … Try sending an iMessage and making a FaceTime call to see if it all works as it should.”

    This is not exactly correct. You can still send messages via iMessage even when “waiting for activation”, so this is not a helpful test. Waiting for activation means that the user’s mobile number has not yet been registered as one of the addresses at which he or she can *receive* messages. My daughter’s iPhone has failed to activate for many months now, due to incompatibility with her pay-as-you-go cell phone service provider, but she can still send and receive messages via iMessage (blue bubbles, WiFi, etc.) using her Apple ID. She just can’t be reached by iMessage via her phone number.

    So the correct test here would be to have a friend try to send you an iMessage (and/or make a FaceTime call to you) using only your mobile phone number as the address.

  2. That’s great advice for a phone but I had this issue with my iPad mini and there is no way to turn iMessage and FaceTime on and off. Only a full restore would help and I think that is just bullshit.

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