How to Find a Text on WebPage in iOS 7 Mobile Safari

If you have upgraded to iOS 7 you might be finding a few things have changed slightly.  One thing that is a little different is the method used for searching out text and words on webpages, using Mobile Safari.  Some people are getting a little confused on how to do it so we have prepared a step by step guide to help you .

Image : Text Search on Mobile Safari

search text mobile safari

With iOS 7 , the more you use it, the more you will get the hang of it.  In principle it is the same as it was before iOS 7 but there is now separate search bar anymore.  Unfortunately, unless you know how to do it, it will be confusing because there are no indications on how to do it. This will work on any device running iOS 7 although if you are using the iPhone or iPod Touch, as they have smaller screens you will have to scroll further down below to look for the text you are searching for . This method provides a quick  technique to lookup any text on a webpge without having to launch your computer browser .

Steps to Find a Text on Web Page in iPhone

  1. Open up the Safari browser by tapping the app icon
  2. Go to the webpage you will be searching for the text . safari ios 7 iphone 5 (2)safari ios 7 iphone 5 (4)
  3. Tap on the URL/address bar and delete any text that is in there – you can do this by tapping “x”  on the bar safari ios 7 iphone 5 (3)
  4. Type in the particular phrase or word you are looking for
  5. Scroll down the screen to where it says On This Page  and tap on Find Phrasesafari ios 7 iphone 5 (5)
  6. The first match will be highlighted in bright yellow so it will be easy to see.
  7. To move through the matching text found, you can use the arrows on the screen. safari ios 7 iphone 5 (1)
  8. When you have finished you can tap on Done and you will be able to browse the web again as normal.

Let us know how you get on with it.  Do you like it or do you think it could be improved upon?

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