How to Download iOS 7.1 IPSW File

iOS 7.1 has finally been released to the public, perhaps a little earlier than expected.   It contains a couple of new features, such as CarPlay and changes to Siri. More on that later. First, for those who have not yet upgraded to iOS 7.1, there are 3 methods you can use.

Image : iOS 7.1 IPSW Download

ios 7.1 ipsw download

If you wish to preserve your current iOS 7 jailbreak, do not upgrade.  If you are planning on jailbreaking in the future, be aware that iOS 7.1 patches the exploits used in Evasi0n 7 and you will lose your ability to jailbreak until evad3rs release another jailbreak utility.

iOS 7.1 Supported Devices

The following devices are supported by iOS 7.1:


You do not require a computer for this method. Simply open your Settings app on your device and tap on General > Software Update. When your device locates the update tap on Download and Install as shown in the image below .

ios 7.1 update iphone 4


You will require a PC or Mac with an internet connection

  1. Connect your computer and device together and launch iTunes
  2. Click on Device Summary and then on Check for Updates 7.1 update itunes iphone 5s
  3. Click on Download and Install on the message that appears

iTunes with IPSW

As above, a computer with internet is required:

  1. Download the relevant iOS 7.1 IPSW file
  2. Your iPhone, iPod or iPad should be connected to your computer
  3. Open iTunes and navigate tot Device Summary
  4. Windows users press SHIFT, Mac users press ALT and click on Update in iTunes at the same time  shift option keyboard mac windows

All of the above methods, if carried out correctly, will result in iOS 7.1 being downloaded onto your iOS device.  Be aware that, even with SHSH blobs saved, once you have upgraded, there is no going back.

What’s New on iOS 7.1 ?

While it isn’t wildly different from iOS 7, the new firmware does contain a number of enhancements, in speed, performance and on the user interface:

  • The user interface is now much faster to navigate with a smoother experience and less of the jerky effects on the animations
  • The whole iOS has been given a more rounded look, with Call buttons now round instead of rectangle, the cell strength indicator is now round ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (5)
  • Slide to Unlock slider less vibrant and a white round Cancel button has been added ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (4)
  • The keyboard has been given a slightly darker look with some of the keys now more prominent.
  • The camera App gets HDR Auto and users can choose whether to upload images taken in Burst mode to their photo stream ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (6)
  • If you have more than one device linked to the same account, when you answer a FaceTime call on one, the Notification for the call on the other devices automatically disappears
  • The slide gesture to call up the Control Center is now smoother with a new bounce animation. ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (3)
  • Notification Center gets bolder fonts. If you do  not have any pending notifications, it will also now display a “No Notifications” message
  • Flickr and Yahoo get new logos
  • You can disable parallax on wallpapers by turning off Perspective Zoom
  • Safari has a new search bar
  • Many of the stock apps have bolder fonts
  • Music app changes very slightly in color and buttons are more prominent
  • There is a lot less green and a lot less white on iOS 7.1
  • Monthly view on Calendar app now shows more of your events
  • Touch ID settings have been moved to the front page of the Settings app
  • CarPlay makes its debut

If you come across any other features that we haven’t mentioned, let us know about them in the usual way.  Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.



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