How to Download iOS 7.0 Full Version

September 10th is a day that should be in your diary. This is when Apple will officially launch iOS 7, alongside the iPhone 5S and 5C.  iOS 7 is currently in beta but, come next week, it will be available for all to download. No more having to download from unofficial links ,  everybody will be free to download the new firmware and not worry about activation errors.  When the firmware releases, there will be 3 ways for you to download it explained below in step by step manner .

Image : iOS 7 on iPhone 5

ios 7 iphone 5

1. OTA – Over The Air Update

This is the most common and the easiest method . No Computer Required for this type of update . However the update may delay in rolling out for your device , and may be available only after few days of actual release .

  1. Open Settings from your Home screen
  2. Tap on General > Software Update 
  3. Your device will search for iOS 7 full version on Apple Servers. It will use cellular data to access the servers if wifi is not enabled on your phone . ota ios 7 iOS Screenshot 20130820-134031 01 (2)
  4. Tap on Download and Install to begin with the download process . The download will be verified and ten installed on your phone . ota ios 7 dwonload update
  5. Your device will complete the installation and restart on iOS 7.

2. iTunes [PC or Mac Required with Internet]

Make sure you have your USB cable to hand:

  1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes itunes connected to iphone 6 PC
  2. A list of devices will appear – choose the one you have connected
  3. Navigate to Device Summary  and click on Check for Updates itunes ios 7 download updates
  4. On the pop-up that appears click on Download and Install.
  5. iTunes will update your device to iOS 7 full version and download the entire firmware in the iTunes folder internally

3. IPSW [Update using iTunes by selecting the firmware]

Download the relevant IPSW below [to be updated]:

  1. As above, make sure you are fully connected and open iTunes
  2. Go to Device Summary
  3. Hold down SHIFT (Alt or Option on the Mac)  and then click on Update  at the same time shift option keyboard mac windows
  4. Point to the iOS 7 IPSW you downloaded earlier itunes restore ipsw
  5. iTunes will go ahead and update your device to iOS 7

Supported iOS 7 devices include:

In their wisdom, when Apple designed iOS 7 it was only done with newer devices in mind.

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini

Anything older than this and you will have to stay on your old firmware or take part in Apple’s trade-in program. This allows people to trade in their old model for credit against the cost of a new one. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Download Links : [ Full Version Now Available]

Whats New on iOS 7 :

ios 7 control centre iphone 5 black

iOS 7 has undergone major surgery. As well as having a brand new look, the native apps have been upgraded and some new features added in. Some of the main features include a brand new control center, a new notification center, AirDrop, a functional lockscreen. Multitasking has been upgraded to make it better; Siri has changed, with new voices and new functions, including the ability to be taught how to pronounce names. The camera and photo apps have been improved with new filters and a better way of cataloguing your media.

Image : iOS 7 MultiTasking

iphone 5 ios 7 multi tasking

Apps will now update automatically, Safari browser has been given a facelift and iTunes Radio makes its debut. This is similar to Pandora in that it allows you to create your own radio stations. Choose from preloaded stations, mix and match or create a completely new one with your own music. Last is the inclusion of Activation Lock, a brand new security feature that requires the use of your Apple ID to access, wipe or lockdown your device if it gets stolen or misplaced.

The first devices to run this awesome new firmware will be the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is an upgraded version of the iPhone 5, with a faster processor, better camera and a fingerprint sensor. It is reportedly going to be available in Gold and possibly graphite as well.  The 5C is a budget handset, made from plastic with lower grade specs. It too will be available in a range of different colors with a lower price tag to match its status.

Stay with us and we will bring you all the news from the event on 10th September.




  1. where can I download IOS7 official IPSW . Please help me . I wanna download the IPSW with download manager and don’t wanna download in itune and don’t wanna upgrade in phone . Please help me :)

    1. Phoenix, you can’t find the official IPSW yet, but instead you can still download the beta 6 (latest version) of iOS 7 for now. It includes all the versions in it and works with pretty little bugs and laggs. However, you can wait till September 18th when Apple introduces the official iOS 7 (you want this one). So enjoy!

      1. thanks bro . now I’ve downloaded both IOS 7 and 7.0.2
        but I don’t know that is it convinient with iphone 4G (GSM) plz help me bro


  3. Hi everyone, I upadate my iPhone 4 on iOS 7 full yesterday via iTunes, it won’t wipe my data from my iPhone. Once install new os there are no activation screen , restore from backup, is that new fuetre of iOS 7. Anyone had a same thing, please let me know

  4. I don’t have that motion sensor on my iphone 4 in settings/general,is it only for the iPhone 5s&5c? And could I ask something that’s not related, I am wondering can I downgrade back to iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.2 even if apple stop signing io6? I have (shsh&appTicket) Even If i unistall iTunes 11.1 and install earlier version of iTunes,because i keep on getting error 11 when I tried to downgrade.would this fix the error 11 as I even edited the host file but no joy and tried DFU with iReb but no I remember this happen with iOS 5 last year when I had to delete the backup folder of iTunes but lost all off my data.Any help would be much appreciated as I am running windows 7

  5. Hi
    I have a iPod toch 4s can I update it to ios7 becoz every time I go to setting I saw that update 6.1.3 what is this mean?
    Is there any problem to update a jailbreak ipod?

  6. I download iPad 2,4, ios7.0.4 restore version but error not install firmware couldn’t be installed help me for update ipad2 16 gb wifi model ….

  7. I have I Pad 1 wanted to update ios7 went to generals but there was no where for me to up date it just tells me I am updated to 5 iOS please help

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