How to Download Apple’s Latest Mandatory NTP Security Update

Apple has, for the first time, used its ability to Auto-Update OS X systems without requesting permission from users first. Just a few days ago, some users begun reporting that their Macs were updating by themselves, even when in sleep mode. It has since come to light that the Cupertino Company pushed the update to fix a critical security flaw in NTP – Network Time Protocol – that is used to keep your system clock synchronized.

Image : Install Apple’s Latest Mandatory NTP Security Update

security update macs

The flaw was first publicized last week and affects all OS X versions running NTP4 4.2.8 or earlier. If the flaw is exploited, it gives remote hackers the ability to execute malicious code on your Mac. As such, if your Mac has not been automatically updated, you are urged to install the update manually straight away to stop your mac being converted into a DDoS zombie. To date, there have been no reports that the flaw has been executed.

If you are not sure that your Mac has been updated you can check by typing what /usr/sbin/ntpd into Terminal. You should see the following versions:

Mountain Lion – ntp-77.11

  • Mavericks – ntp-88.11
  • Yosemite – ntp-92.5.1

If you see any version other than those above, you will need to manually install the security update:

How to Install the NTP Security Update :

  1.  Open the AppStore app from your desktopappstore
  2. Click on Updates on AppStore
  3. Allow AppStore app to check for latest update
  4. Check the box beside the relevant update in the list that appears
  5. Click on Update button on the screen as shown here . security update mac
  6. Sign in with your details and the update will begin installing on your Mac
  7. After the installation is complete , your computer will restart and upon restart it will show the successful completion of the update . mac update yosemite1

 This is a critical update, attested to by the fact that Apple saw fit to push it out automatically so it is vital that you update your Mac immediately for your own security.

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