How to Convert DMG File to IPSW Format


Many of you have downloaded the iOS 7 beta 4 firmware in .dmg format but you are unable to install and use it since it would show incompatible with iTunes . Here is a simple solution to fix this problem.

dmg to ipsw convert ios 7 beta 4

How to Convert DMG to IPSW Format :

Since this is a Windows specific error , you will need to download a free program named 7Zip . It lets you convert the .dmg file into ipsw format by extracting the file from the dmg you downloaded .

  1. Download and Launch 7-Zip.exe application . Link 
  2. Select the .dmg File and click Open.  ios7beta4 dmg to ipsw
  3. You’ll see all kind of files in this archive.
  4. Now Find the IPSW file within the DMG file and click to Extract or you can extract the entire package extract ipsw from dmg file
  5. Just point out the 7-Zip program to where you would like your IPSW file to be extracted . extracting ipsw from dmg
  6. Now use the iOS 7 beta ipsw to install using iTunes .

Here is a video of how the conversion takes place .

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9 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. Lukas says:

    i have a problem when i try to extract the .dmg file to an .ispw it just extract them to 4 files and none of them is .ispw? What do i do wrong?

    • farrell says:

      click on the one that says 2hfs its the largest of all 4 files in size, it should then show a folder, click that, you should then see the ipsw file needed as i just did this by luck. lol

      • iavra says:

        the hfs file is an apple format(from what I just learned), not functional in windows. Any advise on how to convert this format to a windows-friendly one? thanks.

      • iavra says:

        Nevermind! I just used the same 7zip program and it worked.

      • mucane says:

        double-click .hfs file INSIDE THE 7ZIP SOFTWARE to explore it further !

  2. Alx says:

    2 words: DMG Extractor :)

  3. Mukul says:

    it wormks cool

  4. Neeraj says:

    You are a lifesaver..
    cheers Mucane..

  5. Gokull says:

    Guys pls help me how to make ipsw files from .dmg already am having zipped firmware of ios7.1.2 aftr I extract it there are 3 .dmg files I couldnt able to downgrade it