How Non-Developers can Safely Install iOS 7 Beta 4

A few days ago, it was thought that iOS 7 Beta 4 would be delayed; his is down to the fact that the Developer Center is currently closed following a security breach. However, today Apple has released Beta 4 to developers, both registered and, due to a loophole, non-registered.

ios 7 beta 4

If you are intending to upgrade your iPhone 5 to this latest beta you must remember that you will be unable to restore your device back to a more stable version and, if you have a jailbroken iPhone 5 this will be wiped out as well. There are 2 methods to upgrading your iPhone 5 to iOS 7 Beta 4 .

Method 1 – OTA – For those on an existing Beta iOS 7

This is the easiest way to upgrade your iPhone 5:

  1. Launch Settings  from your Home screen
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on  Software Update
  4. Your iPhone 5 will begin the search for the iOS 7 Beta 4 upgrade
  5. When it is displayed, tap to download and install
  6. Your iPhone 5 will restart itself as soon as the install is complete

Method 2 – IPSW – For those who are not registered

  1. First, download iOS 7 Beta 4 IPSW – Links will be made available shortly
  2. Connect your iPhone 5 to your PC and then open up iTunes
  3. You will see a list of devices – click on your one
  4. Now press the SHIFT key down and, at the same time, click on Update 
  5. Locate the IPSW you downloaded and iTunes will proceed to upgrade your iPhone 5 to the new beta 4.

iphone 5 ios 7 beta 4

For those that are not registered, please bear in mind that Beta versions of any software are notoriously unstable.  Most developers use a second device to test the betas on, not their main one and, should things go wrong you will not receive any support from Apple or the development community.




  1. I was able to download ios 7 Beta 4 ok and I also updated my iphone 5 but I get an Activation failure error message in both itunes and on my phone! How can I activate ios 7 Beat4 WITHOUT a Authorised Apple developer account??

    A friend told me that I have to download ios 7 Beta 1 first!! THEN use the OTA to update to Beta 4! Is that right? If it is, how can I download ios 7 beta 1? Thanx heaps!

      1. I installed ios 7 beta 3 but the options for installing a later version doesnt appear as my itunes automatically tries to activate beta 3 and then gives the avtivation error for developers and unfortunately I’m not in possession of an account. How to proceed?

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