How do you Download iOS 7 Beta 3

There are quite a few who believe that the old iOS was getting a little tired and old, while others feel that it should be left just the way it was. What Apple’s Johny Ives gave us on June 10th was something of an eye-opener.  The skueomorphic look we’ve all come to recognise about iOS was gone. In its place was a flatter look, more vibrant but less glossy. We got transparent menus and icons that tilt. We got stock apps that had been completely overhauled. And we also got a lot of new iOS 7 features, some of which are just too much like jailbreak tweaks to be a coincidence.


In just under 4 weeks, we have seen 2 Beta versions of the firmware released to developers, with the third expected on July 8th (download here) .  Apple seems to have stepped up their release cycle a little, possibly because there are so many changes to iOS 7 that there is a great deal to be done if they are to be ready for the public release in September.

Talking of jailbreak tweaks, the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 is underway. Both evad3rs and P0sixninja are working on it and the Chronic Dev team have also hinted at one. P0sixninja has also hinted at something much bigger than a jailbreak although we are not sure what. He has told us that he will be releasing a bootrom jailbreak at some point in the future, something that will ensure the future of jailbreaking for some time to come.

Useful Link : Download iOS 7 Beta 3 .

While we wait for the firmware to be publicly released, we can start getting ready for it. We will be releasing guides on how to download it in readiness. This can either be done through iTunes, OTA – not recommended if you intend to jailbreak – or by downloading the IPSW directly. We’ll be ready for it – will you ?



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