Handy Tips for First Time iOS 7 User on iPhone 5

Are you a newbie to the world of the iPhone ? Just got the iPhone 5 and want to know how to use it and make the most of iOS, the Apple operating system ? Look no further. Here we are going to show you 10 tips for getting the best out of your iPhone 5 and iOS.

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  • Swipe Notifications to Open

notification ios 7 When you see your notifications appear on-screen it’s logical to swipe to unlock the screen first, right ? Now there’s an easier way – simply swipe the notification icon to open up the app directly, very handy if you have loads of notifications to go through and you just want to look at one or two of them.

  • Double Press Home Button for Easy Multitasking

One of the best features of iOS, over and above any other OS, is background multitasking. Simply double press the Home button to reveal a list of icons to show you what is currently running. From there you can close apps by swiping up on the icon and app screen . Use three fingers to close multiple applications at once . There is a tutorial explaining this method . Earlier there used ti be a jailbreak app to do this , Auxo and Kill Background app available only to jailbroken phones on Cydia .

multi tasking switcher ios 7 iphone 5 (2)

  • Access the Beginning of a Conversation without scrolling or swiping

ios 7 imessage  (2)

If you are looking for the beginning of a conversation thread, in any of the messaging apps, simply tap on the status bar when the app is running and you will instantly be transported to the top of the conversation, without any need for swiping or scrolling. This is handy if the conversation thread is long.

  • Control Your Music from the Lock Screen

iOS 7 control centre download

To flick between tracks when you are on your lock screen simply double press the home button and your clock will disappear. Instead it will be replaced by the music control buttons, enabling you to move between tracks as well as controlling the volume.

  • Controlling Music and Podcasts

If you are listening to your music or podcasts while you are using another app, there is an easy way to control the playback and flick between tracks. Double press the home button and the multitasking switcher bar appears. Swipe the switcher bar to the right and you will see the music controls.

  • Swipe Weather in the Notification Center

notification centre ios 7

To check on the short-term weather forecast you normally have to open up the weather widget app. However, you can do it by swiping left on the widget; this will display the weather forecast for the next few days.

  • Create a Folder

ios 7 folders

Long-term iPhone users are familiar with the concept of creating folders to store apps in. An easy way to do it is to tap and hold on an icon until they all wiggle. Pick an icon and drag it over the icon of a similar app. Leave it over the top and a folder a will be created for you to name as you wish.

  • Auto Download

itunes appstore auto update ios 7 (2)

If you have more than one iOS device and you want the music, books or apps from one on the other there are a couple of ways of doing it. First is to sync devices by using iTunes, or you can enable Auto Downloads. Open up your Settings app, tap iTunes and App Stores and enable everything that falls under Automatic Downloads. Now everything you download will be synced and download to another iOS device.

  • Lock Orientation

ios 7 control centre

It can be annoying at times when the iPhone display keeps flicking between portrait and landscape.  Double press the home button, swipe the screen tot the right and then tap on the left button. This will lock up portrait orientation, stopping the iPhone from changing all the time.

  • Change Mode on the Calculator

calculator app ios 7

Provided you haven’t locked your screen orientation you can make use of this cool feature. If you are using the calculator and want to see some more complex calculations, simply tilt the screen to reveal more functions for use on the calculator app.

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