WallStreet Journal Confirms iPhone 5S Gold Release

It looks as though the rumors of a gold-colored iPhone were on the mark. The Wall Street Journal has today almost confirmed the rumor in a report via WSJ-owned blog, AllThingsD.  The blog points to sources that are “in a position to know” and, as they have a pretty accurate record with Apple-related rumors, it is almost certain that the Gold iPhone 5S will be a reality. They have also confirmed the rumor of 2 models of the iPhone being released in September.

 Image : Gold iPhone 5S Leaked Images

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iPhone 5S Gold Relase Date

Some say a gold iPhone will be tacky but, knowing Apple, it will be anything but. And, at least they are now giving their consumers a choice. In fact, instead of gold, many are actually describing it as Champagne, a rather more elegant name. Whatever name people choose to give it, it’s going to be interesting to gauge the real reaction to it in September and only sales alone will tell us if it has been a success or not.

It’s likely that the gold, or champagne color will be on the edges and the rear of the iPhone 5S, with the face in white – just imagine the current white and silver in white and gold and that should give you some idea of what it will look like.

The Wall Street Journal is also confirming that Apple is releasing both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in September.  Apparently, Apple has requested the FoxConn start shipping both a low and high-end model at the beginning of September. Although rumors of 2 iPhones have been doing the rounds for some time, this should now confirm that and remove any doubts that some may have been having, leaving us free to look forward to September 10th and our first sight of the new products.

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Another rumor doing the rounds is that the iPhone 5S will be available in a storage option of 128GB although some believe that this will only be offered in the Gold, or Champagne model. Stay with us and we will bring you the news as it happens, including full coverage of the Apple media event on 10th September.




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