Future of iOS is Uncertain – Claims Instapaper Creator

According to Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and co-founder of Tumblr, iOS is failing and will continue to do so if the Cupertino giant doesn’t come up with something significant in terms of strategy. He says, in a blog post he released earlier this week that, with Apple concentrating on pushing out new devices, the performance of iOS is shrinking.

Image : iOS 8 has a bleak future

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Arment says that while Apple continues to focus on releasing major hardware every year, they will not be able to dedicate the time they need to maintaining quality and he has grave concerns about the latest firmware, iOS 8. Admittedly, when iOS 8 was released there were some serious issues that needed fixing and he believes that it is these problems that have stopped people from installing the firmware.

On top of that is the issue of the space needed to install iOS 8 and the current class action lawsuit that says the storage space on a device is not accurate because iOS 8 takes up as much as 23.1%, much more than previous releases. The lawsuit says that Apple did not mention this in any of their advertisements and are now pushing users to buy cloud storage to make up for the lack of space.

Image : iOS 8 causing Low Space


According to a statement made by the lawyers acting for the plaintiffs, Apple has used “sharp business tactics” by not providing the amount of advertised storage space and then offering users the opportunity to purchase more capacity when they need it.

At the moment, around 66% of all iOS devices are now on iOS 8 meaning, if the lawsuit is successful, it could cost Apple in a big way and this won’t help future versions of the firmware. Your comments on this ?

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