Fix Non-Responsive iPhone 5 Home Button – Running iOS 7

Is your iPhone 5 Home Button Broken ? or has it stopped responding to touch ?  It’s only when this happens that you realize how much you depend on it, how many functions it actually carries out. We have a couple of ways that you can try to fix it or, if that doesn’t work, a couple of alternatives.

iphone home button ios 7 iphone 5

Clean it :

It’s inevitable that moisture will make its way into the iPhone 5 Home button at some point, if only from sweat off our fingers. There’s also a good chance of dust getting in and this can cause the Home button to stop responding.  You can try cleaning it yourself by pressing down on it and air dusting it to get rid of at least some of the dirt and dust.

Activator Tweak :

If you have jailbroken your iPhone 5 then download a tweak called Activator. This allows you to set up gestures to control your iPhone 5, such as shaking it to take it back to the Home screen. Or you can use it to reassign the Home button to another button, like one of the Volume buttons. You can download Activator on Cydia, either on BigBoss or on Ryan Petrich’s own repo for free.

Recalibrate :

For some people, re-calibrating the Home button does seem to work. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open up one of the default apps
  2. Press down the Power button until you see the “Slide To Power Off” slider slide to power off ios 7 iphone 5
  3. Hold down the Home button until the slider disappears and you are back on the Home screen

You will find that the app you opened has closed and your Home button should now work properly. You may need to do this on a regular basis, as the calibration will wear off after a time.

Assistive Touch :

This feature is readily available on the iPhone 5, it just has to be enabled. The feature places a translucent button on your Home screen that  has a number of functions, including being a Home button, locking your screen, calling up Siri, and much more. To enable it:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General
  3. Scroll down to Accessibility and tap on it
  4. Now tap on Assistive Touch –  it’s about half way down the screen
  5. Tap to enable it and the translucent button will appear at the top left of your screen.

Have  a look at this short video showing you how Assistive Touch can be used:

Reset – Repair or Replace :

As a last-ditch attempt, try one of the following:

  1. Reset –  open Settings > General > Reset, and Reset All Settings.  Don’t forget to back up your data first
  2. Repair –  If nothing else works you will need to take your iPhone 5 to a reputable or authorized store for repair, or you can replace the Home button yourself at home.
  3. Replace –  If your iPhone 5 is still under warranty, take it back and get it replaced.



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