Five More Hidden Features In iOS 7 Beta 3

While iOS 7 has a lot of obvious new features, it’s been coming to light during beta testing that there are also a lot of hidden features. Here are 5 more iOS 7 features with instructions on use:

Audio-Only FaceTime Calls :

facetime voice only ios 7 iphone 5

To make an audio-only FaceTime call you launch the app and bring up the contact you want to talk to as normal.  As well as the usual video option you will now see a handset icon, tap on this to make an audio-only call.

Timestamps on iMessages 

imessage ios 7 beta iphone 6

To see timestamps on iMessages launch Messages and find the conversation you want to look at. Tap on the contact name of the sender/recipient in the iMessages list and then swipe across the screen, right to left, when the messages appear. The timestamps will appear.

App Store Wishlist :

wishlist ios 7 download iphone 6

Log into the App Store and find an app you want. Tap to get details on the app, and then tap the Share Button in the top right corner. You will now see the option to add it to your wishlist. Tap on Add to Wishlist and it will be stored for you.

Today View on Lock Screen


To enable it on your lock screen go to Settings, Notification Center and tap Notifications View and Today view toggles to turn them on. You will find these in the Access On Lock Scree section.  Now under each toggle you can configure exactly what you want to see. To access from the Lock Screen just swipe down.

iTunes Radio Custom Station


To create a custom station launch Music and tap the Radio icon. Tap on the pink plus sign you see above Add a Station. Type in an artist or choose a genre to see a specific radio station. Now tap Edit on the main page and now you can edit each station as you please.

Download iOS 7 Beta 3 and install on your supported iOS device .




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