Factory Unlocked iPhone 6 – SIM Free Starts Selling in U.S.

As of now, Apple has started to sell the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unlocked and unsubsidized. The phones are on sale via their own retail and online stores and the move brings the US in line with many other international markets. While a high number of unsubsidized handsets have been sold as unlocked in the US, Apple has not actually made a point of marketing them as such.

Image : Apple iPhone 6 Factory Unlocked

factory unlocked iphone 6 plus

The pricing structure for the unlocked models remains the same as the current unsubsidized handsets:

  • iPhone 6 – $649, $749, $849
  • iPhone 6 Plus – $749, $849, $949

The price point depends on the storage capacity you want, with three being on offer – 16, 64, 128 GB in both models. The unlocked unsubsidized phones will ship without contracts and without a SIM cards, leaving customers free to purchase their airtime wherever they choose.

While buying unlocked requires a customer to spend more money upfront than on a traditional contract, the savings compared to the contract are quite significant, provided you can afford to stump up the extra few hundred dollars at the outset.

Image : Apple Official Page for Unlocked iPhone 6 ordering

iphone 6 unlocked sale

Customers are advised to make sure that they have a Nano-SIM for their new iPhone as the larger SM cards will not fit, rendering your new purchase unusable until you can get one. And, for anyone who asks why they should pay out for an unlocked iPhone think of the freedom of not being tied to any specific carrier and being able to chop and change as you see fit.

You can go to any Apple retail store or visit the Apple online store to get your brand new unlocked unsubsidized iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Tell us if you will be getting one or have you already bought your new iPhone ?

UPDATE 23/01/2015

It has now come to light that Apple is selling two different versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – the SIM free version and the T-Mobile Unlocked version. While both are fully unlocked, the T-Mobile iPhone comes with a carrier nano-SIM while the SIM free version has none. Both are unlocked to all carriers and, while to all intents and purposes they are identical, each one supports different bands and it will be this that determines which one you buy. You can find more information on the support here.

Source : Apple

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