Evasion Jailbreak on iOS 7 is Coming – Top 6 Reasons Why ?

There is a distinct possibility that an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak from Evasi0n could be released on the same day as the firmware goes public. For those who are still waiting for iOS 6.1.3 to be jailbroken, forget it. Planetbeing has already told us that Evad3rs are too busy working on iOS 7 to worry about any other firmware. Here are 6 reasons why Evasi0n will come up with the goods again:


  1. Despite being critical of iOS 7, Pod2g is still testing it out and, when asked about the untethered jailbreak he just tells us that iOS 7 GM version has not been released yet .
  2. Musclenerd denies that Apple has succeeded at putting an end to jailbreaking
  3. Ryan Petrich has tweeted images showing that there are plenty of exploits to produce the utility, on the iPod Touch anyway
  4. P0sixninja has been very vocal about his efforts in finding exploits, to the extent that he even claimed that iOS 7 would be his
  5. Right now, iOS 7 will only work on newer devices, iPhone 4 and above for example. It’s still being tweaked so this can change
  6. There hasn’t been any statement from Evasi0n to the effect that there will not be a jailbreak, only that it won’t be for 6.1.3 or 6.1.4.

evasion download

There isn’t too much more information available about the untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 7. However, this is not because it’s a secret, more that the team members are continuing to work on it. For those who are impatient for it to arrive bear in mind that it is a difficult job, building these utilities. Some of the exploits that are available now may already have gone by the time iOS 7 is rolled out so it really is a work in progress for now.

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  1. Guys, we’re already in november and still nothing about the release of a jailbreak for IOS 7, will you be able to do it or not??

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