Enable Emoticons Keyboard on Facebook for iPhone

Emoji characters originated in Japan but soon gained mass popularity across the globe. They are characters that show different expressions and faces and are used in messages to display an emotion. At one time, the Apple App store used to be full of emoji apps, giving users the options of using emoji characters o their iOS device keypads.  When iOS 6 was released, it came with full emoji support and Apple promptly wrote to some of the developers of the emoji apps, informing that their apps had been removed because they were no longer needed. There are still a few available in the app store but possibly not for long.

Image : Emoticons Keyboard

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However, not everybody knows how to enable and use the emoji keyboard option in iOS so here’s a quick guide to show you:

  1. From the Home screen of your iPhone Tap on Settings
  2. Now Tap on General
  3. Tap on Keyboard ios 7 emoji keyboard emoticons (3)
  4. From the keyboard menu, select Keyboards
  5. In the next menu that appears choose Add New Keyboard
  6. Now chose Emoji ios 7 emoji keyboard emoticons (1)

That’s all you have to do. Now, if you want to use the emoji keyboard to add those colorful little characters to your emails and messages all you need to do is tap on the Globe that will be on the virtual keyboard. The emoji keyboard will appear and you can use them. To get back to your normal keyboard just tap the globe again.

YouTube Video:

You can add as many different keyboards as you like; just keep tapping on that Globe to bring up the one you want.



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