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It would appear that Apple is moving ahead at a fairly fast pace at the moment. Since OS 7 was revealed a couple of months ago, we’ve had 6 beta versions seeded to developers and an iTunes beta.  All of this comes on top of the closure of the Apple Development website due to a security breach, followed by some serious downtime on the activation server and iTunes. Despite all of this, they look to be keeping to the timetable that has been unofficially drawn up, which will culminate in the public release of iOS 7 in September.

Image : Developers view of the iTunes 11.1 beta 2 version . Available only on developers center
Apple-Releases-iTunes-11-1-Beta-2-ios 7 beta 7 download

Today, Apple seeded the second beta of iTunes 11.1 out to registered developers. This is hot on the heels of the public release of iTunes 11.0.5 and just over 2 weeks after the first beta was released. The public release of 11.0.5 was done to fix an issue that arose with iTunes and iCloud, just like iOS 7 beta 6 was released a couple of days ago to fix the same thing.

Beta 1 included iTunes Radio support, Apple’s new music streaming service that allows you to download music and create your own radio station. It allows you to choose from preloaded stations, mix and match and you can purchase any tune from iTunes with just a single tap.

Image : Itunes 11.1.beta 2 64bit version running on Mac OSX Mountain Lion

ios 7 download itunes

This is the first beta for iTunes since last month so there is a strong possibility that it could contain other features as well. If you are downloading it, please let us know if you find anything other than the Cloud fix and we will update our information accordingly. In the meantime, if we come across any other additions or changes we will let you know.

Download :

The iTunes beta 2 for 11.1 can be downloaded by registered developers in the usual way, via the Apple Development Center.




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