Download iTunes 11.1.2 for iOS 7.0.3 Download

Along with everything else that Apple has announced or released over the last couple of days, they have also pushed out a new version of iTunes, 11.1.2, side by side with iOS 7.0.3.  This has been released primarily to support OS X Mavericks, the new Mac OS X that was released as a free upgrade on Tuesday.  However, it also includes a few other changes and improvements, including added language support for Arabic and Hebrew and an improvement to stability and performance.

Image : iTunes 11.1.2 Update


If you are not intending to upgrade to Mavericks or you don’t have a Mac desktop computer then this is not a vital upgrade.  If you have gone ahead and updated though you should upgrade now, either from the Apple iTunes website or by going into iTunes itself.

How to Download and Upgrade iTunes for iOS 7.0.3 Update :

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on Help  on the status bar
  3. Click on Check for Updates itunes-1112
  4. When the pop-up message appears, click on  Download

As well as this, Apple has also provided an update for iBooks Author that now contains a new Preview feature for the Mac and a couple of other bug fixes.

Download Links:

If you missed Apple’s media event on Tuesday 2nd October and haven’t yet caught up with what was announced, here is a short recap:

  • iPad Air – The 5th generation iPad, now lighter and thinner than ever before, on sale on 1st November from $499
  • iPad Mini 2 –  Now has a Retina display with a resolution equal to that of the full size tablets.  Goes on sale sometime in November, starting at $399
  • MacBook Pro – The 13” and 15” MacBook Pros have both been refreshed and have received a price reduction of $200 off of each model
  • Mac Pro Desktop –  Apple’s revolutionary new desktop computer, goes on sale in December with a starting price of $2,999.

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