Download iOS 7 Home Screen Launcher on Android

In the smartphone world, iOS 7 is the subject of most of the talk right now.  The new firmware is somewhat different to iOS 6, being a little less glossy and with far more vibrant colors. The 3D look has been replaced by a flat 2D design, transparent icons and there’s a ton of new functional features as well as a slew of overhauled existing ones.


If you’re an Android user it doesn’t mean that you automatically have to hate anything Apple. In fact, some quite like the look of iOS 7 and now, with an app called iLauncher, you can have a piece of Apple on your Android home screen.

iLauncher replaces your normal home screen with an iOS 7 lookalike, even down to the Apple jiggle when the icons are long-pressed.  The dock is identical to the iPhone one and users can move apps into named folders. In fact, the only thing that really distinguishes it is the Android status bar at the top of the screen.

android ios 7 homescreen launcher

It could be seen as a little strange that there are Android users who want their phones to look like they are on iOS 7 when a good proportion of Apple users are not happy with the look or feel of the new operating system.  Whether this means that iOS 7 will be a draw for Android users, persuading them to switch their allegiance to the iPhone is anybody’s guess. It’s not really likely, not in vast numbers anyway.

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However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have the best of both worlds and enjoying features from each operating system so, if you are an Android user and you want your phone to at least pretend to be an iPhone, head to the Google Play Store and download it for just $1.99




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