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iOS 7 has received some pretty mixed reviews in the month since it was revealed. Some are happy with what Apple has produced, some believe it should have been left alone and still others think they haven’t done enough.  However, while it may not be the perfect system just yet, what Apple has created does leave a lot of room for developing later on down the line.


The Cupertino Company has worked hard to introduce new features that they think their customers want to see. Admittedly their choices were a bit of a no-brainer since most of them appear to have been “borrowed” from some highly popular jailbreak tweaks.  One of these new features is the Control Center.

The Control Center allows easy access to some of the more widely used system settings and apps with a simple swipe up gesture. This can be accessed from any screen on iOS, not just Home.  Those who have not downloaded the beta versions cannot see the Control Center in action until iOS 7 is released to the public, possibly in September. However, if you have an Android device you can get your hands on it right now.

ios 7 control centre android nexus galaxy s4

A free Android App, imaginatively titled “Control Center” has been created by Hi Tool Studios. Once installed, it gives Android Users a Control Center that looks and feels identical to the iOS 7 version. Users will be able to swipe up the screen from the bottom and access setting, such as Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth. They will be able to adjust the screen brightness, ringer volume and so many other settings.  There are also shortcuts included to access the flashlight and the camera app amongst others. When you have installed it, you will need to set up some of the buttons for use but this is fairly easy and takes very little time.

Download :

Out of all of the iOS 7 features that have been turned into Android Apps, this is one of the easiest to get hold of and install.  Simple visit the Google Play Store , download the app – it’s completely free – and away you go.




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