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In yet another surprise move, of which there have been a few, Apple has seeded beta 7 iOS 7 to developer. This comes just mere days after iOS 7 beta 6 was released. Beta 6 was a small upgrade, only 13.5 MB via OTA and looks to have been released purely to fix an error in iTunes and iCloud. We are going to show you how to upgrade your iOS device to the new iOS 7 beta 7 and then activate it for use:

What’s So Good About iOS 7 Beta 7 ?

ios 7 beta 7 download

iOS 7 has to be one of the most innovative products that Apple has ever come up with. We were promised a new look and that’s exactly what we got. The old iOS look has gone forever, replaced with a flat, vibrant coat of paint, upgraded native apps, a brand new lock screen and so many new features that you will wonder how you ever managed before. Some of the features have been taken from jailbreak tweaks but others, such as AirDrop and iTunes Radio are Apple through and through. Don’t take our word for it though. Have a look at our guide to iOS 7 and then download it and look for yourself. You can downgrade at any time. iOS 7 will be released to the public in wither September or October alongside the new iPhone 5S and 5C.

Download iOS 7 Beta 7 :

There are two ways of downloading and installing iso 7 beta’s. The first method is OTA or Over the Air method that can be directly done from the device over cellular. the second method is downloading the full ipsw file and then installing it using iTunes . Most users have to opt for the second method , if they are installing the beta for the first time , since it is not available to general users . Detailed instructions given below .

First Method – OTA – Registered Developers only

  1. Go to Settings and open it
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Software Update
  4. Wait for your device to find iOS 7 beta 7 update . Depending to the speed at which Apple servers are giving out updates , you may find your iOS 7 beta 7 upgrade at anytime in the coming 1-2 days . Only those who have installed iOS 7 beta 6 or older beta’s in the first place will get to see this update. In a OTA update only the required firmware files are downloaded and not the entire firmware . Hence OTA updates are smaller in size and can be done without a PC over only a home WiFi or Cellular Data  .ota ios 7 iOS Screenshot 20130820-134031 01 (2)
  5. Tap Download and Install
  6. Your iOS device will reboot onto the new beta ios 7

Second Method – IPSW – Registered and Non-developers

  1. Download the relevant iOS 7 beta 7 IPSW [links below]
  2. Using your USB cable, connect your device to your PC or Mac
  3. Launch iTunes
  4. Navigate to Device Summary
  5. Press the Shift or Option (Mac) key down and tap Update at the same time keyboard shift key
  6. Navigate to the IPSW and iTunes will update your device to the new firmware.

Download iOS 7 Beta 7 IPSW :

We are still to get our hands on the beta 7 ipsw as not all developers are granted access to latest ipsw at the same time . Below are the links to beta 6 ipsw which are still active and can be used to install iOS 7 on your current device. The links will be updated with new ones as soon as the updates are rolled out for all developers and we get the files to upload it to our fast file server . Once installed and activated , beta 6 devices can use OTA update to get iOS 7 beta 7 automatically without any problem or even requiring a PC .

Disclaimer : All of the above iOS 7 Beta download links are hosted on,  We here at do not bear any responsibility about these links. If you have any issues with the above links then please contact: directly .

Read : How to Install iOS 7 beta 7 on your iPhone 5

How to Activate iOS 7 Beta 7 :

The next step is activation. If you are not a registered developer you will be faced with an activation error because your UDID has not been registered with the developer program and you a therefore not authorized to download the beta firmware. You can either register with the dev program at a cost of $99 per year or you can buy your UDID from us at a cost of just $10 for 12 months.

ios 7 activation error fix iphone 5

How to get Cheap UDID Registration :

  1. Send an email containing your UDID number to
  2. Send $10 to our email via PayPal [not]. Required payment details will be sent to your email .
  3. All activation’s are valid for 1 year . iOS 8 supported

It will take a couple of hours to allow for device identifier provisioning and then you will receive an email confirming your activation. You can now go ahead, activate iOS 7 beta 7, and start using it.

Finding UDID of your Device :

iphone 5 udid number findx

Look at our guide on how to find your UDID number if you are unsure. We have just 50 UDID activation’s up for purchase so act now to get yours as we will not oversell. This is for manual activation only and is your best bet to LEGALLY activate iOS 7, and all other betas including iOS 8 that are released in the next 12 months.

Limited Period FREE UDID Giveaway : [limited to readers only]

Now, everybody loves something for nothing and we have just 30 UDID’s to give away, completely FREE.  You must complete the following steps in order to be in with a chance of winning one:

  1. Like our Facebook Fan Page page
  2. Like this page by cling on the LIKE button after the post .
  3. Follow us on Twitter
  4. Give us your UDID number in a comment on this article [it helps us directly register your device without having to email you first]. Enter correct email address [remains hidden] , so that we can let you know , you won .

**** NOTE : THIS OFFER EXPIRES IN 48 HOURS. Ends 21st August 2013 Midnight .

[Update : Offer extended till 23rd August and 30 additional UDID’s added on huge public demand. 30+30=60 total UDID’s to be awarded Free – Limited to Facebook and Twitter Followers only ]

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