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Just few days back , Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 4 to developers, a little later than originally planned due to a security breach at the development center. It’s now hoped that they will be back on schedule and today they releases iOS 7 beta 5 to developers .

Update : iOS 7 beta 6 is now available . You can download iOS 7 beta 6 firmware here .

iOS 7 beta 5 download ipsw

The first beta left a lot to be desired as some people found it totally unusable, others suffered with severe speed issue, lagging and unexplained crashes.  However, subsequent betas have fixed some of these issues, along with other bugs including problems with iCloud syncing with the Calendar App, high res images not syncing when set as a caller ID photo, and many other bug fixes.

As well as these, each new beta has seen more features added in. As time goes on Siri gets more functions, a choice of voices and more language support. The second beta finally included iPad support for iOS 7, voice memos was brought back and the iPad camera was given HDR.  Safari browser has been tweaked a little, the Calendar app gets monthly views and loads of little UI changes that don’t seem to important until you get the whole picture. Yesterday, a small piece of code was spotted in Beta 4 that indicates a fingerprint sensor sometime in the future.

Update 2 : Activate your UDID

Apple has restored its UDID Activation Server . if you want to safely updates to iOS 7 , we recommend registering your UDID . We are offering 1 Year UDID activation for your iOS device for $10 only [save $90 on annual dev centre fee’s] . All payments via Paypal . 12 hrs Activation . Send your UDID number to . 1 Year activation’s automatically get iOS 8 beta releases in 2014 at no extra cost . No Overselling . Manual UDID Activation Only . Best Solution to iOS 7 Activation Problem .

Image : Dev Centre UDID Activation Screen

udid activation screen ios 7

iOS Dev Centre Update :

At the moment, despite the Dev center being closed for more than a week, we have heard nothing to say that iOS 7 won’t be released, as expected, sometime in September, The analysts say they think it will be around about the 20th, alongside the new iPhone, possibly the 5S or the iPhone 5C. Parts of the Dev center are now up and running again.

Alongside iOS 7 many are expecting to see a new untethered jailbreak utility. This will not happen simultaneously as, once the firmware is released to the public the jailbreak will need to be thoroughly tested on it before it can be released to us.  We know that a utility is being worked on so expect to see it released within perhaps a month of the iOS 7 releasing. Of course, this does depend on testing and as no-one has told us when to expect it; it’s a case of wait and see.

Download iOS 7 Beta 5 IPSW : Official Links

Update : iOS 7 Beta 5 Activation Error

activation error ios 7 beta 4

There is a possibility that you may get Activation Error after Installing iOS 7 Beta 5 . To fix this problem you have to either register your iPhone’s UDID with Apple Dev Centre [which is not taking any new registrations right now due to maintenance procedure] or get back to older firmware by restoring using iTunes . The last official iOS release was iOS 6.1.4 . You can follow our restoration tutorial for details .

iOS 7 Beta 5 IPSW : Unofficial Links

  • iPhone 5 (Model A1428) – Link
  • iPhone 5 (Model A1429) – Link
  • iPhone 4S – Link
  • iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A 8GB) – Link
  • iPhone 4 (GSM) – Link
  • iPhone 4 (CDMA) – Link
  • iPod Touch (5th generation) – Link
  • iPad (all models): Link
  • iPad Mini (all models) : Link

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  1. Why does it have to be so freaking hard to just update my I-Pod! Screw apple for only letting the stupid (no offense) I-Pod/Phone 5 get this.

  2. I am having problems installing apps on my iPhone 4S running on iOS 7 Beta 5; so I have decided to downgrade back to iOS 7 Beta 4.

    1. so youre telling me that my cell phone has to have cell phone service? I cant just connect through wifi and go from there?

      1. No, what he is saying is that it is trying to find if the phone is registered under a developers account. If it isn’t, it displays that warning.

  3. so i tried this.. but im getting this message .. “ACTIVATION ERROR” this device is not registerered as part of the iphone developer program.. blah blah.. any tips?

  4. For Activation Errors, try this (make sure to have a good backup):
    Make the iPhone/iPad/iPod fully functional with previous iOS 6.x and allow it to activate as normal (may require full restore), then here is the tricky part…

    Install the iOS 5 update using the iTunes hidden custom update, by HOLDING SHIFT AND SELECTING THE BUTTON IN ITUNES “CHECK FOR UPDATE”, then BROWSE TO THE CUSTOM iOS5 IPSW.

    This will UPDATE the existing iOS and activation should remain, as well as most settings and data.

  5. Does anyone have the link for the apple tv 5.4 beta 4 ipsw file or dmg file? (actually is 6.0, but everyone refers to it like 5.4)

  6. I’ve just checked for a software update in my settings and it says there isn’t a new update…… What should I do???

  7. i have registered my iphone 4 but it says “The iPhone “User’s iPhone” could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible”
    The file i downloaded was .dmg how come it isnt an ipsw?

    Please help.

    1. You have to extract the IPSW from the .dmg file, there are alot of tutorials that teach you on the web how to do this. -Enjoy

  8. If I want to download the link there is standing that I need to registrate for a develop or something, and I did that but he is still not downloading.

    help please

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