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Just 2 weeks after iOS 7 Beta 1 was released, Apple rolled out Beta 2. Now it would that, on July 8th, 2 weeks after Beta 2, Apple is going to be pushing iOS 7 Beta 3 IPSW out to carriers and then to developers for testing.

iOS-7 beta 3 download

BGR have been pretty accurate with their information to date; they predicted that Beta 2 would be released on 24th June and it was. In 2012 Apple used a 2 week cycle for the first 2 Betas of iOS 6 and then went on to 3 weekly for Betas 3 and 4.

If they are going to release Beta 3 on the 8th July it means they are speeding up their release cycle. This could be because of the enormous amount of changes that iOS 7 has brought to us.  This has to be the most radical rethink of the firmware since its inception in 2007 and, being an almost completely new iOS, it’s going to require a great deal of testing to get it right before it can be publicly released.

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