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Apple recently released iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers, bringing to light the fact that they have managed to patch the exploits used to build Evasi0n 7 , the iOS 7 jailbreak utility.  It was originally thought that Apple would be ready to release iOS 7.1 around March time but another report says different.

Image : iOS 7.1 Download for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch Coming Soon

ios 7.1 download

A report in BGR states that beta 5 is the last beta and the next version will be the GM, or Gold Master version. This is the final version that developers take a look at before and if all is Ok, this is the version that is released to the public.

This could happen anytime from now onwards; there is no date for the release of the GM version other than it will be soon. The public version is usually released within 2 weeks of the final GM version.

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It is thought that iOS 7.0.1 will fix most of the major issues experienced with iOS 7 including bugs, unexplained reboots and a general sluggish feeling to the iOS firmware.  Apple are also reported to be making more changes to the user interface in iOS 7.1 to make it consistent across all the native apps.

ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (5)

Apple has also released iOS 7.0.5 as a software update to fix network provisioning issues on models of the iPhone 5C and 5S that are sold in China.

iOS 7.1 beta 5 contains a number of changes including additional, more natural sounding voices in Siri for the UK, Australia, Japan and China.  A new button has been included in iTunes Radio to give you the option of buying an entire album rather than just a single track and changes have been made to the way the Shift and CAPS Lock keys look on the keyboard.

ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (4)

Other changes include a change of name for the parallax effect from Motion to Perspective Zoom and the Toggle list view button in the Calendar app now stands out more.

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