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Apple has now released the beta version of iOS 7.1 to developers for testing purposes. By all accounts, iOS 7.1 contains quite a few bug fixes and improvements, not just to the iOS user but also in the SDK for developers.  Some of the improvements include a darker keyboard in certain apps, making it easier to see, better contrast controls, a new HDR auto mode for the camera app, the choice of whether to upload your burst mode photos to your photo stream or not and the Flickr logo has been minimalized.

Image : iOS 7.1 Beta download

ios 7.1 beta download iphone 5s

Animations are much smoother than before, especially on the lower end iPhones and iPads. And, many of the animations have been simplified as well to make the user experience more comfortable.

Of course there will be much more to it than this but please do not expect release to be imminent. The sheer fact that it is a beta version tells us that this is a big one, possibly the gap filler between iOS 7 and iOS 8, and we are in for the long haul on testing.

Before your Download iOS 7.1 :

At the moment, evad3rs have warned against downloading the beta version of iOS 7.1 for 2 reasons – the first is that they need to test it to see if it can be jailbroken or not and secondly, as most beta versions are, iOS 7.1 is extremely buggy at the moment.

For those that do want to take the chance, here is how to download the beta version of iOS 7.1. Please bear in mind that the links at the bottom of this article are the official developer links only .

How to Download and Install iOS 7.1 Beta

  1. Choose the download link that corresponds to your iOS device and download the 7.1 IPSW
  2. Connect your PC and device together and open iTunes
  3. Navigate to Device Summary for the particular device you are upgrading itunes device summary ios 7
  4. Hold the SHIFT key down (Alt or Option for the Mac user) and click on Update in iTunes at the same time keyboard shift itunes ios 7 update
  5. Point to the IPSW you downloaded
  6. iTunes will upgrade your device to iOS 7.1.

iOS 7.1 Beta Download Links :

Please keep in mind, especially if you are new to the developer’s scene, that most of the hackers keep a device specifically for these beta versions. Do not use your everyday iPhone in case something goes wrong and you find yourself without a device to use.

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  1. Seems like ios7 jailbreak will never happen anytime soon !! If cydia has to test ios7.1 then there will never be a jaibreak any time soon that sucks cause I am a jaibreak freak I no there working very hard but man release it man look how buggy ios7 is they keep saying they have to fix some things here and there just release they dam jailbreak and fix they bugs at the same time !!!

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