Download iOS 7.1 Beta 2

iOS 7.1 beta 2 has now been released by Apple to official developers, who can download it directly from the development center.  Before we talk about how to download it, first let’s have a look at what is new in the beta .

Image : iOS 7.1 beta 2 Download Available

ios 70.2

Whats New – iOS 7.1 Beta 2 Changes

  1. Settings for Passcode and Touch ID can now be found in the main menu of the Settings app rather than in General
  2. Calendar view can be changed to list view with a new toggle – no need to tap the Search button any more
  3. In Accessibility, a new setting has been added to change the shapes of Text Only buttons, to make them easier to understand
  4. Animations have been speeded up
  5. When you swipe up to access Control Center there is a new Bounce animation
  6. Should now be much quicker to load up the iTunes Match library
  7. Car Display and Car Feature are now enabled, with a new iOS toggle.  This gives a large clue to the fact that this feature may be properly enabled in the new iOS when it goes live. The toggle was found in Restrictions (under Settings) suggesting that the feature can be switched on or off as the user wishes
  8. When webpages in Safari are being loaded the bars at the top and bottom can be minimized
  9. When you put your iPhone to sleep or wake it up the lock screen wallpaper now zooms.

If you are a developer, you can download from the official links below .

Download iOS 7.1 beta 2 Download Links :



iPod Touch:

Those of you who are not official developers can download from the unofficial links below but please bear in mind that you do so at your own risk. Developers tend to use alternative devices for beta testing, rather than their daily use one as beta versions tend to be buggy and full of issues.

Note: These links are in .DMG format and you will need to extract them to IPSW format using this extractor

How to Download and Install iOS 7.1 Beta 2:

  1. Download the appropriate IPSW from the lists above
  2. Connect your iDevice to your PC or Mac using the USB cable connect with pc mac iphone  (2)
  3. Launch iTunes
  4. Open Device Summary itunes device summary ios 7
  5. Hold down SHIFT if you are using a PC or ALT  on a Mac and then click on Check for Update at the same time  DSC00710
  6. Now point to the IPSW you downloaded and iTunes will do the rest itunes restore ipsw

Allow a few minutes for the installation and do not touch either your computer or your device during the process.  When the installation has finished your device will reboot and will be running the new iOS 7.1 beta 2.

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  1. Hi i just dont get it! Whats the deffrent between beta version and d current version am using with 7.0.4 is this jailbreak ??? Or what am sorry plzz i need to knw what is is dis software is oll about thanks!

  2. The difference between your current version and the iOS 7.1 will be noticed when the new version is finally released. It will surely have a lot of improvements.

  3. The main thing that Apple should improve the bettery life of the phone. When iOS 5 arrived bettery life became excellent and now iOS 7 is not giving good timing iPhone 5

  4. plz just make it simple we just skip to respone and we get ios 7 or do not try to break your fucking phone trying to get ios 7 7.0 beta just wait until the next update

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