Download iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 – IPSW Download

Due to a small security flaw in iTunes, it’s possible for anyone, regardless of whether they are a registered developer or not, to download and install iOS 7 beta 4.  The flaw is such that iTunes seems to skip the part where UDID registration is checked. However, some of you may be experiencing an activation error.

iOS 7 activation error iPhone 5

For some, iTunes seems to be kicking up an activation error message, telling you that your UDID is not registered and you can’t go any further.  If you have an iPhone 5, an easy way out of this issue is to restore your device back to the latest publicly signed firmware, iOS 6.1.4.

How to Install iOS 6.1.4 on a iPhone 5 Stuck in Activation Error Screen :

iOS 6.1.4 is purely for the iPhone 5, for any other model experiencing the same issues you need to restore back to iOS 6.1.3. In order to restore back to iOS 6.1.4 you will need the relevant IPSW file, download it below before you do anything else.

First put iPhone 5 on DFU mode or Recovery Mode :

  1. Make sure your computer and iPhone 5 are still connected
  2. Hold down Power button for 3 seconds
  3. Press the Home button down as well and hold both for 10 seconds
  4. Now release the Power button but continue to hold the Home button until a message appears in iTunes to as it has detected a device in recovery mode

Dont worry if your timing was not right . You will come up with something like this . This will also work as it shows “Connect to iTunes”

ios 7 connect to iTunes

Restore to iOS 6.1.4 :

Hold down SHIFT key (Option key on Mac) Click on restore and point iTunes to the 6.1.4 IPSW you downloaded earlier. It will now proceed with restoring your iPhone 5 back to iOS 6.1.4.

itunes recovery mode

itunes restore ipsw

Download iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 :

Once you have successfully restored your iPhone 5 you can go ahead and try to download iOS 7 beta 4 again by following our guide. If you continue to receive the activation, error message you will have to stay with 6.1.4 until iOS 7 either is publicly rolled out or consider joining the Apple Developer Program for $99 per year.




  1. Thank you . I am not registered with apple and have ios7 brtr 4 the next day on myniphone 5 and i doengrade to 6.1.4 and upgrade to 7 many times with mo problem the only iet us it is restoring only the data from ios 6 and any data made at oos 7 will be lost and you will get from your i loud backup the data made by ios 6 Thanks again for your subject it help persons who wants it. And i thank your possitive action

  2. I’have a question with the “Activation error” is this error only happening with the iPhone 5. All the procedures that you explain here are only for the iPhone 5 for the iPhone 4S is exactly the same?

  3. hye,

    Thanks for your tutorial on restoring to 6.1.4. I have downloaded that from different sites but upon trying to restore it fails all the time stating that server is unavailable at this time …something to that effect.What could i be doing wrong?

  4. I got this msg Iphone”Microsoft iphone” could not be resorted because the firmware file is not compaitible !! I had iphone5 with ios 6.1.4 ! Please help ??

  5. When you restore your iphone to any firmware and you get a message that this firmware file is not compaitible it means the firmware you are trying to restore is not for you device (iphone) please note apple produce more than one type of each model. So download the right ios formware for your mobile (e.g. There is 3 versions of Iphone 5 , )

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