Downgrade iOS 7 Beta 5 to iOS 6.1.3 or Older Firmware

Two months ago, the world was treated to its first view of iOS 7 when Apple showcased it at WWDC 2013. As promised, it was something a little out of the ordinary with a complete new look and a lot of new features added in. At the moment we are on beta 5 of the new firmware and, with each new beta, a few more new features are discovered and a few more bugs are fixed. The public version is expected to release in September.

ios 7 to ios 6.1.3 downgrade

If you have gone ahead and upgraded to iOS 7 beta 5 and find it’s too unstable still or you just don’t like it you can downgrade your device to the last publicly signed firmware – iOS 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5 and 6.1.3 for everything else.  Here is how to do it.

Steps to Downgrade iOS 7 Beta 5 to older Firmware :

  1. Download the relevant IPSW – 6.1.4 if you are downgrading an iPhone 5, 6.1.3 if it’s any other device.
  2. Make sure you properly connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac
  3. Open iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically
  4. Navigate to the Device Summary tab as shown in the image below. This screen appears when your iPhone is connected and detected by iTunes . You have to select your device which you want to downgrade fro the left hand panel .restore iphone
  5. Press down on the SHIFT key ( use OPTION  if you have a Mac) and then click on Restore  in iTunes at the same time
  6. Point iTunes to the correct IPSW itunes restore ipsw
  7. iTunes will proceed to downgrade your device back to the correct firmware

For those of you that own an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or an iPod Touch 4th Generation, you will be able to make use of Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze to perform a tethered jailbreak. If you want to carry out an untethered jailbreak on one of these devices, use Redsn0w to downgrade to 6.1.2 and then use evasi0n to jailbreak.

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